Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ok, I cannot believe it's been almost a year.time flys when your busy taking care of a child.
Life has been so great. So much has changed we decided not to move to Arizona. We bought a home in NY, It's all so crazy I know. we were both gun ho on going out west but I don't know what happened I guess our hearts are here and hey if we can do it without pulling out our hair so be it.
Baby its great she walks like a pro. She started at 11 months and now she runs around the house yay for her run run mom for me.

she is so smart, The whole vaccination thing just worries me so much I cant sleep, but she seems to be ok so far not sure about that MMR though. That's the one im loosing sleep over. I really think its every thing the children ingest and all the toys all the crap they are subjected to. I really do hope they find out what the hell is causing it al,l im wishing it was years ago they had a clue on it all.

Knitting. I have been knitting like crazy so many blankets due to all my friends having children. I have a shower tomorrow, one in April and one in May. I dont know where I get the time to do all this knitting but when you are a true knitter you find the smallest amount of time even if you lose sleep. Not sure that anyone will care to what I have to say these days but for those of you that do thanks for reading.