Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I don't have a title for this one

"I just have to say" : I am so glad that everyone agrees with me on that one. Thank you so much for all the uplifting comments. It's Awesome that I do have friends that know me and what kind of a person I am. And some that don't even know me and think im great. Like my secret pal. Like I said before everyone else can take a walk.
What a rough day. It seem like it was never ending, I came home and I was so tired, I pooped out on the bean bad next to the cat and I knitted. I should have taken a picture, It was cute. Then yesterday I spoke to one of my friends that lives in the Bronx and we were talking for a little to catch up on things and ended up she told me a horror story about my brother that threw me for a loop and ruined my day and couldn't get the vision out of my head. So I think that's why I wasn't feeling good because it carried on into today. But im fine now. Mom made me feel better when I spoke to her about it.
"The girl at work" Found out today that Danielle is pregnant, Thank god. Yea! Finally she really need to get going on it, all she talked about was her niece. And it seems that it didn't take them long at all, it was her first try and that was it. Im really happy for her. Now it's like all eyes on me. No way, no how, not yet! And that's where I stand. Im not very sure. Every day im like yea im ready and then the next minute I don't want them yet. So that's how I know im not ready yet.
"On the knitting front" . I would love to meet up with my secret pal I can't wait to find out who she is. I wish she can give me a little hint. And hopfully we can meet in May @ the Maryland festival, Im looking forward to it. And the interlacements is the same as you sent to me but the colorway is: well there is no name for it but the color # is 303. You really got me hooked on the cotton rayon blend. I think im going to make another clap, Or another shawl I just need a nice pattern for it, I have to look on knitty. I started the top secret sweater from knitty it seems to be going well. Im upto the sleeves and then the yoke, I might need help attaching the sleeves and the yoke at the same time. Im going to have to bring it to SnB Thursday night. And Im still knitting up the baby blanket. Im almost done. And you know what I really want. The sweater wizard program. I think Janette has it. She gave me the sock wizard program a while ago. I have to ask her on Thursday at SnB.
"My Mom" : is coming out tomorrow. We are going shopping for a lamp and then some lunch at Famous Daves, I told her about it and she wants to try the buffalo wings. I need a floor lamp to put in the corner where my knitting cubes are so I can't see what im doing. So off to Target we go. And maybe I will take her to Macy's to shop. They are having there one day sale tomorrow. Im looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. I haven't seen her since we got back from Arizona
Talk soon.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Here's to the anonymous comment!

To start. You don't know me so don't judge me. Yes I do have a blog of my knitting intended for my friends and the group. And it's for them to see what going on in our lives. Not people to read and get upset and make comments like you. My blog is not posted for you. I didn't go there to show off. Like I said I went there to buy and enjoy myself with my friends. Besides im not the only one who felt that way. And I don't care what you think about my Holloween bag and if you like it or not.
So take a walk. If you don't like it , don't read my blog.

1st try with the photo shoot !

In doors photo. you can't see it very well, thats why I took the photo shoot outside Posted by Picasa

Holy Needles!!!!

Im working on them. Getting a lot done. I have all day today and I have a lot of project to tackle. Posted by Picasa

Stiches east.

Stiches East Yarn purchase. Interlacements, My secret pal got me hooked on.
Glass needles they are so pretty, very much for show but I will use them for special projects. Some dark color Noro, Lornas laces top right. And the little black sheep tape measure. The lady said that they were rare because when you order one dozen white sheep a black sheep comes in the bag. Get it! The black sheep of the family. hehehe! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Stiches East! Whatever!

Well . Where do I start. It wasn't as I thought it would be. No great bargains, I didn't expect to save a lot of money. But they had some noro on sale for $7.00 And They had every thing I could get here in New York. Except for the glass knitting needles I did purchase. But I can say that I went and I had a great time with Dani and Mary. But I was a bit ticked with all the yarn snobs there, and some bloggers their that I really don't care for and Im not naming which ones. It seemed that everyone was wearing their knitted items to get validation from other knitters, What ever. Wake up call - We are all knitters some better than others due to years experience, and Imagination. You are not movie star nor rock stars that you need to be noticed, So get over your selves. If I can slap you in the face to wake you up I would. And I really love the fact that the yarn harlot was there signing her book like she was a super star don't get me wrong she is very funny and I did buy her 1st book and laughed my ass off, she has stories like other knitters do. Attention: All other knitters do! It's not like she wrote a pattern book with amazing patterns. She is a great writer. Attention: A great Writer. People are pathetic. I needed no validation that is why I didn't go there with anything I knitted. I know what my capabilities are and I don't need any one to tell be how beautiful my work is and not being true to what they say to me, but only being phony. I have friends to tell me and compliment my work. So now that I got that off my chest, I feel better. But I can't say that I wouldn't go back. I think I will have a better time in Maryland in May. Or upstate for that matter in Oct.
So I had a very tiring weekend but it was very fun, And I still have tomorrow and I have an interview on Monday @ 5pm for a job around the block from my house so now I can walk to work. I just needed extra hours that my boss wasn't giving to us, which is fine im just gald I do have insurance through him. I can really get a job any where. I have my pick of the litter and I am very grateful for that I have many years of experience. And I am very good at hat I do.
But I have to go. Mark has his friends out back and I feel bad Im inside, But I needed a little break from the guy pow wow out there.
Talk soon.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Famous Dave's

All right everyone that hasn't gone yet has to go. I've been there quite a few times. But tonight they had half price wings and a half price pint's for Monday night football so we dug in. Mark, Rob, And Ray, And I and we had a lot of laughs. We always do when we are with the two brothers, They are my favorite out of all of Marks Friends.
Wednesday night we are going to see Clutch @ Irving Plaza and then on Thursday night im hooking up with Mary and Dani for stiches East. I have an exciting week coming Im going to be very busy and a whole lot of fun to go along with it. I definitely have to ask Mark for a couple of extra buck for Stiches. Im so excited Just a quick post I felt the need to tell you guys about Famous Dave's. You have to go............

New project over the weekend.

We went on a mission this Sunday I needed a book case for all my knitting books, I was stuffing them all over the place, Under the couch under the sewing machine, I was running out of space I couldn't take it any more. Looks great and there seems to be more room. And every thing is neater. YEA!!!!!! Im so happy now. I don't have to look for anything any more it's all on the shelf. Posted by Picasa

More Needles

Made more needles today, Start with plan dowels, And a pencil sharpener, Some sand paper a brush and polyurethane, and polymer clay so easy.You can't really see them great but I gonna keep making them so I will have them done for Christmas gifts for all my knitter friends. I can't wait. It's a lot of sanding But they are coming out great. Posted by Picasa

Made Chili over the weekend.

I know I know it was like 90 degrees this weekend what am I crazy. But Mark wanted it and I love making it, Along with a glass of wine, It was a fun Saturday night.
I was just testing out the new camera, And It was so colorful so I thought it was. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hand Made knitting needles

So From seeing Rebecca's Cool needles, she motivated me to start the needles I had on hold for the longest time because it has been so hot and I didn't want to turn on the oven. So when Janette said to use the toaster oven I felt like an idot. And I started them today, I made like 4 sets already and I think im going to give them as gifts for Christmas. I have to get started and keep them coming Because I have a lot of friends on my list. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 16, 2005

Just a cute picture of Stan

I needed a subject and he was the only one around.
He is a very good one too.
Posted by Picasa


The new Daria From NORO !!! I am going to make a little night bag with this stuff. Posted by Picasa


Look at those crazy colors. Don't know what to do with this yet. I would love to make a kids sweater that would be awesome. Posted by Picasa

What a great Birthday !

I Have to say that the the newest people in my life made it special. All my knit pals thank you so much it was such a great feeling to be around you guys, you really made me feel special. I really am so gald that I found the group and I can really conside you my friends.Thank you so much.
On Wednesday night we went to the crazy donkey and I was so mad because I couldn't really enjoy myself and kick back and have a few drinks because I had to work the next day all day and I would have been sick. But we had fun, Silver Tide was playing. Then on my birthday for dinner my mother Inlaw took me to red lobster my favorite I have the supreme dinner I think that's what it was called, And it was so good, I love eating with my fingers, when ever I can. She also bought me the Loop D loop knitting book. I was so happy that was the next book on my list. I have so many patterns I want to do, I just have to wait till im done with a few projects before I start another. I also got a gift card to Macy's and that's where I went today after work. And I spent a lot of time there so I can look around and look for the best deals. So I got a few tops and I tried on some GUESS jeans that were way out of my price range but they fit perfect and if I ever am rich I will only let my skin touch GUESS. Any way I can dream. And I come to find out that I am not longer a size 10 I am a size 11/12. Which I cried. I have to loose just a few inches off my stomach. I am not comfortable I just want to be comfortable. Not skinny ! I am not complaining that I am Fat. I just needed to put that out there. And now for what Mark bought me for my B-Day.
A David bowie DVD the new one. And Classic perfume for banana republic, I love that smell. I drench myself in it. And a new digital camera. A 5.0 mega pixel I was so shocked and happy. Now I can post better pictures. He said my other picture was crappy and I always use it for my blog and I needed a new one. So there you have it.

And on the knitting front I am making a baby blanket for Marks friend. They had a boy I think the name was going to be Evan. Not sure. But I have to get it done soon before we go over to see them. and I knitted a little hat that wont fit the baby till it's like 6 months. I still have to finish the clapotis but a lot of it is done I have to post that too. I have to take pic's with the new camera and see how they come out I can't wait to post them.

And on Thursday night im going with Mary and Dani to stiches east can't wait for that that's going to be fun. I just hope there are sales or something to that matter. I put that I needed to be out at 7:00 for that night at work so I can't get to Dani's house on time. I hope she's reading this. And that''s about it, Now I just have to prepare dinner for later Marks sleeping, he's going to run the Cow Harbor tomorrow I hope it doesnt rain last year it did and he was miserable, and he wan't me to go with him last year I had an excuse I had to work, I have no excuse this year. I really hope it does'nt rain.

I have to wake him soon. and knit later on. or maybe knit now.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Holy. It's been 5 Days

I can't believe it's been that long. I have been making little 6 month old hats for a friend at work and they came out so cute, She asked me if I can make them for her so she can give them to a friend as a baby gift, so she bought the yarn and I knitted it up in like 2 hours.
So this weekend we went to a block party that was fun we bougtht a bottle of yellow tail and drank away, That is my favorite wine. It's cheap but it's really good. Im not a wine snob. And what else. Oh Yesterday Mark and I cleaned up the yard and made a fire in the fire pit. and after we were don he wanted to put up the holloween stuff, I thought it was too soon but I think im gonna do it this weekend, then we got invited to his friends house for dinner, steak potatoes and corn, the perfect meal. We haven't had meat and potatoes in a long time. So im just waiting for my hubby to get home, can't wait. I miss him when he doesnt get home at a normal time. and that's that. now im just gonna knit away on the couch till I fall asleep.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Not much to report.

Dinner was great on Friday night, We had a romantic night. That's all I need to say about that. Next Wednesday is my birthday. Ahhhhhhhh! Im getting so old 29. It's going quick. Im just kidding about the old part. I am looking forward to aging gracefully.
on the knitting front. Thank you everyone that wished me a happy anniversary. And secret pal thank you too. Clapotis is coming along, I have been up this whole week till 4 in the morning working on it and I im dead the next morning. But it's worth it. im already looking to find a nice yarn to make another one. And what else. Ohh! Im looking for another job part time just to fill in the Mondays and Wednesdays. So I popped in to a local dentist office and I gave them my resume and I asked if they needed any help and the woman behind the desk said that they were and it happened to be Mondays and Wednesdays, how luck am I is. So hopfully I get a call, I can't walk to work. That would be awesome. But im not stopping there there are so many on the main road by my home, so Im going today to some more offices just to inquire. So keep your fingers crossed. I will keep you posted if I get a bite.

Needle Felting Fun

I had so much fun finishing this last night.
Just in time for holloween!!!!! Posted by Picasa

The other side.

I like this side, It's the not so scary side. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 04, 2005

1 Down

Our first celebration of being together "married".
We went to Pasta Pasta in port jeff for dinner, No not dressed like this.
This was taken the day after, Mark has the photo on his camera from the night before.
It was very romantic. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 02, 2005


I absolutley Love doing this project. The beggining was a little hairy but I got through it, I have been working on it for hours at night, I am so into it. I want to make another one already Posted by Picasa


Alright. I have to admit I have been watching the TV, Which I can't believe all that's going on, I know this is a knitting blog but I need to say this. It's very upsetting, and the bottom line is this should not be going on in the United States . We can get our Asses over sea in matter of minutes, but when it happens here we scramble like we don't know what to do, or don't have the means. You know if this happened in a high class community they would been there in an instant. A lot of people are angry and maybe we don't understand what is going on, But the Government needs to make it right.
On the knitting front What a great night last night at SnB, I went early and got in hours that I have missed in the past 2 months. I stayed till the very end like usual, lots of new comers. Which the group loves to see, we are definitely growing. Jenn was there, I miss her. And all the others. And then Talin and I did our normal thing after SnB and went to Borders.
So I just wanted to tell my secret pal that Clapotis is coming out great I will take a picture of it today and post it for you to see. I want to thank you so much for the Interlacements Yarn, it's beautiful once again.
So today is our Anniversary and we are going out to a nice romantic dinner, I know it's only a year but It's exciting. My mom and Dad called me this morning to wish me a happy one. That was nice. I love them so much. They are doing very well, Im happy about that. One less thing to worry about. Life seems a little back to normal.