Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Dreaming John Lennon.

Alright Last night I had a dream about John Lennon. I met him in the city by his house and he invited me up and he was so cool he gave me a tee shirt that he wore it said peace on it, the dream blew me away when I got up I was depressed because it wasn't true, I probably had the dream because I watched Imagine on one of the HBO channels.
So Just a quick post. I have to get ready to goto work. I wish I can work from home like my friend Dani!! But I can't maybe some day.
I finally finished my tank top I love it, And it fits perfectly. Wow. And the colors are perfect. I was working on my moms skirt which drove crazy, the pattern that I was using, It did not make any sense, So I switched to a similar pattern and I will just add the fringe to it like the other pattern I have posted. That's the only bad thing about translated patterns, the person that is translating spaish to English screws up all the time, almost every pattern that I used out of this book has an error and I can't find any correction for it on line any where. But im doing fine with this one. It's coming out nice i will take a picture of it when I get a chance after work.
So off to work I go...


Look My tank top is done. And Im wearing it.
I had so much fun doing this I don't know what took me so long to finish.
It's not a great picture I know, I can never get the lighting right. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005

Secret Pal Gift!!

This may sound cliche, But this is the best secret Pal Gift ever.
Thank you so much !!!!! Posted by Hello

I got a Package Today! Guess from who!!!!!

My secret pal. I took a peek out side to see if the mail was there and there was a box on the stoop. I wasn't sure who it was from, it through me off because of the return address. I thought my pal lived in Georgia? At first I was scared to open it. Just kidding. But when I did OMG!!! There was so many cool things in it. Amazing Yarn from Interlacements Yarn In these great Reddish Pink Purplie colors. A blank card with a hank of yarn on the front. Really cute fabric with lipstick and hats in pink colors, Great pink pencils that say " The surgeon general has determined that knitting may be habit -forming" Very cute I love them. The clover yarn cutter pendant, That I just bought for my secret pal for the next package. Knitters review note cards with envelopes , Lavender Dryer bags, I want my pal to know that I love lavender, I use the johnson lavender night time lotion when I come out of the shower every time. It smells so good, Also these little I don't know what to call them I would say Sequins I know exactly what to do with them, I might string them on and knit them in to my next bag. And last but not least these little pages with a cat and a ball of yarn on them, Im not sure what they are for But i really love them, I love any thing with a cat on it. I have to say you went over board, Every thing is so wonderful, I have to thank you a million times.

I got Gauge!

I got the gauge with the yarn doubled, the skirt doesn't call for much,So I will have enough to make for the matching shrug. Posted by Hello

"It's Friday" Big deal I have to work tomorrow.

This Saturday Crap Has to stop, I have been working the weekends and late nights for way too long. I have to add that this is the last Saturday for the summer. I haven't casted on for the skirt yet I just got home from work and that was my first priority I can't wait. Sunday Mark and I are going to the city just to walk around maybe hit a yarn store just to look around. We'll see. I really don't need anything. I can't wait.
Mark is running the Lake Run tomorrow I'm usually always there to cheer him on, But I have to work. Bla.!!!But It's gonna be a hot one tomorrow, So im kinda glad I wont be out there sweating. I feel bad for Mark he's gonna be running in that YUCK! But they treat them really good in the end, they have fruit any kind of soda juice and BEER! That's funny I thought the same thing when I first went. But it's cool and fun I love watch all the old guys trying to make it to the finish line but you have to give them credit they make it through I probably would drop dead the first mile in that hot weather. So on that note talk soon when I get progress with the skirt.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


This might be a better swatch. I don't like it.
I need better light in this place. Posted by Hello

Mom's Skirt!!

I can't wait to knit it up, It should be fun and fast. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Best shot of the yarn, It's so sparkly. As I was spinning it, I took a picture of it and the sparkles came out. Posted by Hello

All I have to say is FLYING FINGERS!!!

Ok Well as you know from the title, I got up early today and headed to my moms house in the Bronx, Ill called her as soon as I was crossing over the Whitestone Bridge, and she was up waiting for me, Mind you I called her last night and asked her if she wanted to take a ride to flying fingers with me in the morning. Plus I had to see my dad because I didn't see him for fathers day because him and my momo went to the NJ shore for the weekend. So I get there and I talked to my dad and mom for a little bit and then we were off. It was really good to see elise the owner of Flying Fingers. When I used to work in Dobbs Ferry I always went there for lunch and always walked out with something. So as soon as we walked in my mom was like oh my god, she saw Yarn from Cherry Tree Hill Light pastel colors, variegated It was 1440 Yards and it was Beautiful, I don't even want to tell you the price of it, But I convinced her to buy it and promised that I would make her a skirt that I have a pattern for and a tie shrug to match, So as soon as I got home I wound it up and started swatching. I love it I can't wait to start, But there's only one thing "Mom the skirt didn't come to a V It was the fringe that made it look like that" So you have to tell me what you would like me to do? I have pictures of everything to post when im done. Oh and mom treated me to 2 lambs pride. Orange and white, and a pattern book, I was happy.
Then after we left the Yarn store we went to eat across the street from my old job and I called my friend carol and she met us for lunch. and that was my day. I had fun. That's all I have to say.
But the yarn is a joy to work with all the colors that just come out while you knit it

Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

I could of sworn I posted this weekend. I really remember typing, Maybe it got lost.
So today is my dads Birthday!!! I think 54, I never can remember because when you ask him how old he always tells you 2 years younger.
So this is the end of my almost 2 week long vacation. But im ready to go back, I need to get back into the swing of things. Although I don't feel like dealing with my boss. Who does!
On the knitting front: Im almost done with the Katia Tank top, All I have to do is finish the straps and sew it together "yea" I can't wait to wear it. And I have a confession to make. Are you ready? I ordered more From handpaintedyarns.com, I know Im a bad girl, But if you goto the site you'll see, it's like an impulse you can't surf any further till you order from them. Every hank of yarn looks so beautiful you can't resist. So kill me I don't care. Here we go with my mom and dads motto. " you only live once" and there you have it, that my friends is the reason why I have a stash and I have no idea what the hell to do with it. Although I have been really good with picking up my UFK ( unfinished knits) and finishing them, and im very proud of that.
No more yarn buying for me.
"Yeah Right"

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Katia Tank top!

Almost done. Posted by Hello

A long week off and im enjoying every second of it.!!

A perfect week, it was a long one but it's going fast. I did nothing today just watched a few movies and then hopped in the shower and fixed my hair since it's been so humid the past week I couldn't blow it outand waste my time, because it would frizz up.
I did go and see my mom and dad yesterday in the Bronx. I got there @ 11:30 and I left @ 9 last night, it was fun My aunt was there and we had a lot of laughs and we eat sausage and peppers for lunch and then for dinner macaroni and meatballs and a salad, and for dessert was coffee and cheese cake. I was so full I couldn't eat another thing. We sat outside and of course I knitted and talked. But the only thing I still can't get over is when I leave their house I feel like im leaving them behind, It sucks because I get so emotional and I cry all the way home. And that's a long cry, 1 Hour to be exact. But I get over it, when I come home to Mark.
On the knitting front, Im almost done with the Katia Pattern Tank top. It's two colors the back it like a lighter green and the front is Olive, Im Half way done with the front. And it's coming out great I can't wait to put it together. And I did start the juliette square for Rebeccas little niece. Im just trying to figure out what stich I want to do it in so im just experimenting with it. Tonight is SnB Can't wait, I missed last week for nothing if you know what I mean. And that, that's all I have to report.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


And Last but not least. Stan and I, I love him so much.
My mother Inlaw said he was hissing and swatting at them
I almost can't believe it. Posted by Hello

The back of the tank top I just pick up again from my UfK Pile is underneath the socks that I made on my trip down south.  Posted by Hello

Jennifers Stich Markers

This is the package I recieved today from jennifer.
Great stich markers.Posted by Hello

It's Good to be home.

Im Back!!!! Im so glad to be home. It's great to be away for a few days but when your on your way home there's nothing like it. We had a good time We visited Marks brother and wife and Baby Zoe. In N.C. Zoe is 8 months old already, Babies grow so fast. They have a beautiful house and so much land. It's in the out skirts of Charlotte. Mark said he can never move there, It's too country. Every where you go you have to drive like at least 20 mins. maybe 15, Mark said he needs to be able to just walk to the deli around the block for a cup of coffee and any thing else, Hey it's not for everyone.
But I did miss my cat "Stan"Very much He was a little freaked when we took him back to the house, He had to sniff every little corner to make sure it was safe. It seems like he is taking his time to get back to normal, he was on my lap before being cute and all and now im hairy. Thank god I made meatballs and sauce before.
But on the knitting front I came home to an awesome package from my friend Jennifer, I don't know her personally to call her my friend I haven't even met her, but she was my secret stich marker pal the last time around and she sent me more this time around, And she is so cool. I have to get a cd that I know she will like, he's my favorite artist "Butch Walker" and some other stuff I have to put in the package.
I did knit some socks on the way down and the way back up. I have to take a picture of that also, I knit them up with the knit picks sock yarn Dancing stripes. I love knit picks, I have to place an order soon even though I don't need any thing yet. Ive been polishing off my UfK's It's moving along, I just picked up a tank I started last summer with gedifra Wellness cotton that I just threw in the corner with the sweater I just finished And It was the picture I posted before I left.
I have all week off, My boss is on vacation, I just have to go in tonight. For like an hour to help the girl I work with move some things around so that the will paper people can do there thing tomorrow. And Im free to knit all week and sit by the pool at Mom Inlaws house.
Catch up to you later. Happy knitting.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I screwed up BIG TIME !

Ok I was supposed to be at work at 9:30 this morning. But I forgot he stuck a patient in on Friday for this Tuesday. And last night I forgot to put my phone on the charger and it went dead overnight. So when I got up @ 10 I picked up my phone and I charged it, I turned it on and there was like 3 messages. And it was him (my Boss) and the service messages and I was like holy shit im in trouble because there was a big laminate case that was going in and he needed an assistant. So I got in at like 12 noon, But he got over it. What ever!!!! So it was a long day and I just got home and I checked my blog and im so glad all of you liked the Sweater . I still have to add the button. It was the Hollywood Suss Cousins, Cardigan the one that Julian Moore was modeling. It was so easy to do, No problems what so ever. And the yarn was from gedifria. Not sure the name of the yarn but it was bulky. Next is a tank top. Not sure which pattern im going to do but I want to find a good one
This Wednesday Im leaving to North Carolina. We are driving down 12 hours. Were staying for like the weekend then coming home on Monday. So I have to check the LYS around N.C. I can't wait. You know im definitely coming home with something from N.C.
until I get home this will be the last post. Im going to miss my SnB But I will make up for it while im away.

Monday, June 06, 2005

And this was the finished product at 7:26 tonight. It seems a little tight not too bad, I should have blocked it before I put it together, I can strech it a little with a damp towel and an iron right? But now on those cool summer nights I have something I knitted to wrap around me. Woooohoooo! Now it's time to cast on for a wrap.  Posted by Hello

This was at 1:30 this afternoon, I worked on this all day my back is killing me the was so many loose ends to tie in. Bla ! Now I know why everyone hates to put sweaters together. For now on in sticking to tanks. But this was really all worth it in the end.  Posted by Hello

Straight into summer. Bla!

It's like 80 degrees here on long island, Im not complaining but it's humid, It sucks I hate it. But it is a beautiful day and Im debating to go to the beach. I know if I do then the phone is gonna ring and at the other end is gonna be my boss asking me if I can come in in the afternoon, I can never say no, But I just decided Im not going any where. Im staying home today, Or I might just take out my bike and wash it and go. I know I have so many thing on my to do list, Im all talk. (In the midst of my writing I went into the attic and took down the fan and cleaned the dust off of it and turned it on. Just to give you an idea of how humid it really is. I can't even concentrate) I think im just going to put together my cardigan that I finished last night and take a photo shot and post the picture. It really came out beautiful I can't wait to put it together.
Hello Jenn From portage IN. I saw your comment, very cool I can't wait. It's so great that someone thinks about you out of the clear blue.
Im going to North Carolina on Wednesday to visit Marks brother and wife. Just for a few days we are driving there so that's gonna be a hike but I love driving anywhere I love to see all the different states. But you know for sure I have to map out the knitting stores. I can't wait for that. But my sister Inlaw said that there is a nice knitting store no to far from her, I have to stop in. But what else, I know it's going to be very hot there, I was there in July last year and it was hot.
So im not going to be at SnB this weekend. Sorry guys not that it matters because no one showed up last week just 4 of us. I think it's slowing down now because of the summer time and everyone is going away? Not sure.
Im going to end here. Not sure what to cast on for next but my fingers have that nervous twitch in them.

Friday, June 03, 2005


Im so glad it's Friday. Thank God! I have a b-day party tomorrow and I have to get my hair redone again , My parents are coming out. A busy weekend but not as bad as last weekend. I have to run to work soon. I have to check to see if my secret pal received her gift before I go also. Just thinking of all the things I have to do today.
Last night there wasn't many of us at SnB. Just Sarah,Janet, Joyce and myself I left a little early and came home to a back yard full of boy's, mark had his friends over. I was so tired I sat by the fire for a little with them and then went in. But that's about all. Have to split. Off to work I go.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

New project. I can't wait to finish. Im almost done with the sleeves. The gauge was perfect. I shouldn't say that yet till I put it together. But it's coming out really nice. Posted by Hello

Look Secret Pal, I hand felted my marsupial bag. I had so much fun stabbing that thing to death. Posted by Hello

What A crazy day and a crazy weekend PARTY!

Hey every one, Sorry I haven't kept up with the blogging thing, But I have to say I've been very busy. The party went well, I love to host but you never eat enough. But it was a lot of fun. Joyce, Beney and her friend came on by and it was great having some of my friends around, But I felt bad because I really didn't get to spend much time with them, But im glad they saw my house, Im sure they will tell everyone at SnB tomorrow night. But all in all it was fun and we were both popped by the end of the night. So I took care of the fine at the motor vehicles, I was fuming because when I went there today I didn't have my title to the car so I couldn't register it until I went back home to get it, Mind you I had no idea where I put it, So when I came home I tore the house apart, don't' ask me how I found it in a matter of 30 min. I ran back to the motor vehicles. Registered it and I was done, I needed a cocktail after so off to Taco Bell I went, hehehehe!
So I came home and I popped my Ipod in and Im blogging. I took pictures of my project to post, and I also hand felted my bag so my secret pal can see, Im saving the Cascade for a great felted hat for the winter. But im getting all the use out of the felting materials, I absolutely love them all.Thank you again. So I ripped out this sweater that I made out of Gedifra yarn that it came out huge, Never put it together, I knew it would be too big so I frogged it. And im almost done with the cardigan from Hollywood Suss Cousins the first one, all I have is the sleeves to do then im ready to sew. I love the patterns in her book. But so not worth 30 bucks. I finally put a wish list up in my profile. But I can't figure out how to show my picture up on my blog profile. I need help. I hate when I don't know how to do something that I know is so easy. I have to post a finished project sweater up there I feel like I never finish my sweater projects I just tell you about them and show you them half finished. So what else to report not that much more. I can't wait till Thursday night, I need a night to just relax and knit.