Monday, March 28, 2005

Here is another, Just don't look at rachel ray's 30 miniute meals, that doesnt count. I always use that book.
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My knitting books, There are a lot more, I just don't have any more room on the shelf. So there on the floor stacked.
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It's RAINING!!!!!

OK. First off I had a great Easter Sunday. I hope everybody had a great one too. It went very fast. I hate Mondays, especially when I have to go out in the rain to run some errands. But that ok, I love rainy days. Second off. Im not mad. I felt like a crazy lady sitting at panera knitting and looking around to see if at that second one of my kitting buddy' s are walking in. But not to fear mark came to my rescue he came with his friends and swooped me up and took me to the outback for dinner. But while I was there I managed to finish a bag for my friend at work, and all I have to do is felt it now. I have to take a picture and post it. And now I can try and finish my sweater, I can't wait to finish. But I have to run off and get dresses I have so much to do, I have to go out and get soaked and look like a wet rat while doing the errands. I will put up some pictures later.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ok Im totally nuts. I know, thats just how excited I was when I opened the package, I put them around my neck, and then I thought I must take a picture and post it and here it is. I know Im crazy, and I look very tired. hehehehe!
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Just look at the colors, I dont know what to make with it. I have to felt with it, thats must.
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Ok Of corse a cat is a cat they have to inspect every thing new. He is so cute. as he lays.
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Finally A night of knitting!

Hi all. Ok I have great news. I Got A package in the mail today. It was waiting for me when I got home from after stich N bitch, Mark Left me a note saying y sweetie is smiling right now be home in a bit love you. He got home before me so he got the mail. Any way it was great I have pictures to post after I write this. But im so happy I made it to Stich N bitch tonight I was really missing it. I was so happy I made it there, I had goodie for a few people. And another person came with her sister, I met her in AC. MOORE one day and I told her about the Thursday nights at the panera she is a new knitter and really nice. And her sister too. But thank god I parked next to them because she had left her lights on and her battery went dead. So I tried to give her a jump but it didn't work, So I drove them home. I never mind doing things like that, I truly believe that when you do good, good things come back to you. But that's not why I did what I did, Im just a good person. But things are great. I been working on the sweater im almost done and I promised myself that I wont start anything else till im done. But with the yarn I just got I have to start something soon. You will see why when I put the picture up. I have to order more yarn from them. And what else Easter is coming, my job is to make cream puffs. And then im going to my friends house after marks cousins house. Mark has to work Sunday night. Which is fine. And I have a three day weekend. I cant wait. im going to knit all day, yeah right I always say that. And that's it. I can't wait till tomorrow is over, so I can relax the rest of the weekend.
I will keep ya updated with the new yarn and what im going to do with it. Until later!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

and I want to tackle this one when Im done with the sweater. This book is so great, when you want to knit up something really quick like a kid sweater, or a hat, or little slippers. not sure if you can see who makes the book, but it's put out by ZOE MELLOR. Very nice stuff in there
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Ok this is the sweater I am working on the the past 3 days. Im almost done with the back. and the arms I did half of them and got so tired of them I didn't finish. so all I have to finish is the arms and Im half way through the back.
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Monday, March 21, 2005

It was a stay at home and knit day.

Ok, woke up this morning made coffee, jumped in the shower got dressed, woke up the husband, Yes he called in sick today, which was nice he never takes off it's very rare. I had to return some library books, knitting books of course. And he was feeling better it took a few hours. Then he came along for the ride. We stopped at taco bell, my favorite, and then I paid for it later. Thank god it wasn't in the library. hehehehe!!
so I took out a few more library knitting books and a few movies. And one of them was serendipity! Of course I was crying it was so good. I never saw it before. And I've been wanting to watch it for the longest time but kept missing it on TV, a very girly movie. I was so into it, that most of the time I wasn't looking at my knitting I just kept on knitting. Now I have to check on it to see if there is any mistakes. hehehe! It was a good day, I didn't watch the bosses kids today. Thank god. Im getting tired of it, I don't want to see my boss no more than I have to. Bla!!
and that about it, Not much more to report, except that im still waiting for my package from Uruguay nothing yet im so mad, im getting very anxious. And that's it for my day I do have to take picture of the sweater I started up again, Im going to do that now.

A closer picture. Love it!!!. you can still see the stiches but I don't mind. I will bring it in on Thursday Night
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I love this bag so much I cant believe that it came out this good. I have to keep making these bags. Next im going to work with lamb's pride. can't wait.
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Sunday, March 20, 2005

First Day Of Spring!!!!!!

Well It's the first Day of Spring. But It was really crappy! Bla. I can't wait till I can walk out with just a sweater and be happy when I hear the birds chirping. So I had a long and busy weekend. I went to my friend Bridal shower, It was fun, Her favors were picture frame and Yankee candle it was really nice. And then it was my father inlaw's birthday the same day I literally came home from the shower and ran back out to goto dinner with marks parents, So all I wanted to do today was stay home, But I didn't I went to my friend jenn's house for dinner and we went to AC Moore and I ended up getting a knitting book and so yarn to make a toddler ear flap cable hat. Which I want to start on but I have to finish one of my WIP that I had laying there in the back in a bag that I pulled out yesterday or the other night I think, it was a gedifra pattern that im doing in Reynolds saucy, Like a tan color really pretty, I have to take a picture of it. So I also felted my purple bag that I have the pictures up of, today at my friends house. It came out really nice, don't ask why im making all of these bags, I have no idea. But I really love knitting them up. And what else lets see. I don't want to goto work tomorrow. And I have a long week ahead, Bla! And Im still waiting for my yarn from Uruguay. It has not arrived yet and im getting very anxious, But I did email them and asked when I should expect it to arrive and they wrote back by Thursday, this Thursday. And I ordered this on like the 10 the of march. So if your wondering how long it will take to get to your home from Uruguay estimate like two weeks, or longer. But it will be well worth the wait. You will see when I get the package I will take a picture of them all they are so beautiful.
so I have to say also, so far the best and my favorite felting yarn is lamb's Pride. The best so far. I used noro and the Uruguay stuff and it felts nice too, well they all are great but there's always a favorite. And you know which that is. So any way another week to get by and another bag felted. Till next time.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

It's St Patrick's Day

HAPPY ST. PATRICK"S DAY to all. I Know im being bad to all my knitting friends at the stich and bitch. I haven't been there since last Thursday, and im not going tonight because ENUFF z NUFF is playing at the DOWN TOWN. I cant wait to go, and im not going to be able to make it on Saturday because it's my friends BRIDAL SHOWER, and then I have to go out to eat at night with my inlaws because it's my father inlaws birthday. It's a busy week, it will slow down next week I feel so bad I love going to stich N bitch. I worked late any way tonight just got out a little while ago.came home checked my blog and then got dressed and then entered a post while im waiting for mark to get home so we can go. I hope he gets here soon I don't want to miss them.
So I don't know how im gonna get up tomorrow for work, it's been a while since I pulled one of these off, I will let you know tomorrow how it went. By for now.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Just another picture. Pretty cool I like tihs one I cant wait to see the way it felt and what shape it takes. After im done I have make one for my friends they want a big bag so they can put their baby stuff in it, you know like a diaper bag.
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Ok New marsupial Bag. Im almost done I have to finish the handles and then felt I used blue merino and noro and then pink merino that i had gotten from the guy is so nice and has the best stuff every the colors are so brilliant,and very reasonably priced. you almost can't help your self. Im still waiting for a package from him I cant wait to open itand take a picture of the box and show everyone. you have to check out his site.
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Im felling better

Hello everyone. I am feeling better, but I am still congested, Still recovering. This Cold really kicked my ass. But as for my knitting friends Im so sad I didn't make it on Saturday. I really wanted to be there. And I feel so bad I was there to give Rebecca the pattern for the felted bag.
although I did accomplish something yesterday, I went down to my mothers in the Bronx and all my friends were there with there kids. It was so funny. We caught up on every thing. And it was good therapy. But it was also good to see my parents. And Aunt was there from Conn. with my cousin's baby, she was so cute, that was the first time I saw her it was like baby day. I didn't get home till 11:00 I was so tired and I couldn't wake up this morning I woke up at 11:30. And Now I have to go to riverhead to meet up with a lady that has a studio in her home that she designs her own yarn and she spins and dyes it. I cant wait to meet her.
So it's back to assisting on tuesday I have to deal with the doctor all week, and saturday I have a bridal shower can't wait. I have a busy week coming. and one more big thing. ENUFF z NUFF is playing on thursday I cant wait at the DOWN TOWN. for those of you who dont know who they are the were an 80's band they are so great. I cant wait.
And that's that. I have to go and get ready. Bye for now.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Family Photo. Brother On the right dad in the middle mom next to me, mark to my left. carol my bestest friend in the back, and Jackie thats really mad at me for not being closer to her we were close at one point but people grow apart, it happens every day. BTW. Brother is a cutie!! Oh and I almost forgot Danielle The other cutie.
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My awesome stich markers. I made them. At first I bought a couple of them from the LYS and I took them home and examined them and said I can't believe I bought these things, I can freakin make these things. So I went to AC Moore, I bought beads and pins and jump rings, and I made like 200 of them and I sold some to the knitters and I gave some to jenn as a birthday gift.It's so worth it. I sold them for like 50 cents a piece which I know I can sell them for much more, but I hate taking money from friends. Thats why im not a good sales person, people will walk all over me. I have plenty more if any one is interested let me know.
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It's a Dish Cloth, This was my little side project you know when you just need something small and mind less. I love the colors, I made it out of sugar and cream they have all crazy colors. It was fun to make I have a dish cloth leaflet and I want to get more creative with them. hope you like it.
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I am Sick...

Hey ! I am Sick, I was suposed to go to the bosses house to watch the kiddies. But I woke up this morning and I was like what the hell. I knew that I was gonna get it. the baby that I watch was sick all week and between wiping her butt and wiping her nose that had green boogies out of it, I knew I was gonna catch it. Im so mad, I can't imagine when I have children what the hell is gonna happen to me. Ugghgggggg! I hate being sick Its a little cold but I took meds for it now im gonna fall on my face. But last night I spoke to my mother and I need to catch up with her I haven't seen her in like over a month. I was telling her all about my knitting projects and the blog and I told her to look at my blog and when she got to the part of all about me, the first entry I placed on the blog she started to cry, and of course I was Balling, we are very emotional people in my family. I can cry on the dime. But she misses me very much, as I miss them to. It was a good talk I do miss being home with them. It's very weird when you get married, you feel like your not where your suposed to be for all the years that I was home and now its im not there any more, and I know that it contridicts what i said about not liking where I use to live but it's not the familyI dont like it's the neighborhood I hate Nothing but Shit heads there. So I get a call thing morning from my dad and of course when my phone rings that early I freak because I think right away that something is wrong, but every once and a while my dad calls me with a morning joke. and I love them and it starts my day great. I love when he calls me with the jokes. Ill tell it, But I hope I dont get in trouble for this one but here it goes "
What kind of dressing is not good for your ass?
Neverland Ranch
You would laugh too if you just got up and that was the first thing that you hear.
But any way I had a good cry last night and I had a great laugh with my dad this morning.
and I feel great concidering that I have a cold.
Love to all today.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Now this is the black and white striped booga bag. I have to finish it today so I can bring it over my mother in laws house to felt. It's coming out so good.My husband love it so much he want's it. No way !!! What do you think?
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Last night I gathered all of my 100% wool and I put them on the yarn winder and I was winding away. I had so much fun. and the colors are so vibrant. I dont know what to do with them, I did buy more handpainted yarn at And there is someone that is interested in buying my felted bags and she was asking if I wanted to make them for her and she will give me orders and she will pay me. That sound great! It sound to good to be true. but we will see.
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Hi everyone. I got up with a headache. I took two aspirin but it didn't kick in yet. I went to bed late, Knitting all night. I want to finish my booga bag. I took pictures of it's in black and white stripes. I cant wait to felt it. Im also so mad that I cant Go to AC Moore They are having a sale on all of ther yarn. I think im gonna go before I go to stich group tonight. I ll only spend a few bucks. I have to find my secret pal Phildar Patterns I have to look in to grannys only because shipping is like 5 bucks and its not worth it Ill just grab it from granny's. OK now who's my secret pal? Im so happy I have one, I was worried, I was telling DH I don't think they assigned me one, it's so much fun. I have to write more about my everyday life, Yesterday I watched the my boss's kids I watch them on the day I don't assist the Doc. But I was so drained the other day, I canme home and all I wanted to do was fall asleep, But I couldn't I needed to knit.
for now I am saying good bye.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Got my secret Pal.

I Got a secret pal yesterday! Im so happy I never did this before. I cant wait to send her stuff. Im not sure what to send in the first package. I will figure it out. It is so cool @ first I thought it was creepy, but we are all knitters so it's not like a crazy person will hunt me down and do something crazy. Then again ! No im just kidding. I just need a little guidance on how and what to do. Like how creative other pals get I just need some ideas.
Im so happy.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Just wanted to share the action shot that i got of the waves crashing. I love the beach I cant wait till the summer where I can just go to the beach and relax on my days off and read and listen to the ocean. theres one thing i think we take fo granted, and thats living so close to the ocean. I would definately miss it if I ever move away.
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After the other marsuprial bag i quickly started another bag I just couldnt stop there. so I finished it in like two days. I have to show every one on thursday. I really enjoy doing these felted projects. It is so rewarding and then after you felt them, it is like instant love.
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Just showing off my scarf I love this one. It matches my fleted bag. This was taken the day that we went to the beach to see the sea lions and just celebrate out love. Awh.....
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Saturday, March 05, 2005

And now this was the bag before I felted it. you can't really see it that great. Thats the beauty of felting you never know whats going to some out when you finish washing it. LOVE IT ....
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Felted. This is the third time. Im so made when I edit the blog it takes the pic away. so now im not gonna touch it after this. But this is the finished product . I love it I cant wait to use it. There is no way im gonna give this one away. But the length of this one came out shorter lori told me that it would shrink that way but it came out really nice im very happy with this. I made another one and finished it tonight at the meet up i have to take a picture of it before i felt it tomorrow. I will have the second one felted and done for all to see on thursday. I can't wait.
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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Started on my Marsuprial Bag.

Hey everybody. I Started on the felted bag, and it is so much fun ...
I love working in the round. I Noticed that my stiches on the wooden needles were coming out too loose so I went out and bought Addis Turbo , I think I spent too much on them but I had to do it and im glad I did because it's such a pleasure, I feel like im speeding through and my stiches are so much better. I will take a picture of it in the day time tomorrow to get the true colors of the bag, and I will post it, it's coming out so beautiful....
The freaking snow storm, I was so mad. It wasn't a snow storm I ws hoping I wouldn't have to go into work on Thursday but noooooo . The office was open . All I wanted to do was knit all day and watch movies. ...

Any way Im really tired and I have to get up early and go to work YUCK!!!!!!!
See every one tomorrow night... .