Sunday, April 30, 2006

Spring Flowers

So yesterday Mark and I got up early and went for breakfast it was so delicious the place was called Rainbow cookie cafe. how cool is that! then after breakfast we came home I went to the post office to mail out wendys package and then I thought to myself I really need to plant some flowers around here. well it all came out so beautiful I can't wait till they really start to grow and look so much fuller. I love looking at them, the only problem is what the heck am I going to do when we go away. I guess im going to have to bring them over mother inlaws along with Stan the cat. So my mom and dad are coming out im gonna have to fire up the barbi. YAY!!! I have to jump in the shower.
Have a great day!

Friday, April 28, 2006

A blanket For a little bundle

Its been like forever without a post, I never go this long, Like Dani said I have been out of touch. And for my new project, A baby blanket, Yes for a boy and no not for my baby because I am no where near even prego! Sorry mom. But I just figured I try what Efrat is doing, A blanket in strips and then sewing them together. The picture does no justice, it look so much better in person, As I go Im gonna start the stripes in a few. Posted by Picasa

Vacation swap package!!

Wendys Vacation swap pal package is waiting for me to get it to the post office. Wendy tomorrow I promise I will get it out. I know I have until june but Im done and I hate to wait for packages for my self. I get to excited. aAnd way to anxious. Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 17, 2006


And this yarn was a gift from a friend, it was givin to me about a month ago and I never posted it is so beautiful, the one on the left is Quellon By Araucania, And the one on the right is Pehuen also by the same company. Not sure what to do with it I will be keeping it in my collection. Posted by Picasa

Somewhat cowl.

Just a little update on SC. It seems like it's taking forever. But I did take a break and knit up something cool for my Vacation swap pal, And now its down to business, I really have to concentrate on it a whole lot more, I will feel alot better when I finally join it and work in the round. And Im promising myself that I will be joining tonight. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 16, 2006


And todays picture before we went to dinner over marks aunts house. Posted by Picasa

Pre Easter party.

So yesterday Mark and I got up early and went to smiths point beach and we walked a lot. It was so cold that my ears were gonna fall off, but it got warmer after 12 noon when we were about to leave. And then onto the ecology center we went and watch all the nice animals walk around and Guess what? They have Llamas, They are very cute. and then on the spur of the moment the crew came over and we had a BBQ and Lots of beers, it was delicious But I didnt drink as much as everyone else, I only had 1 beer at the very beggining and toward the end I was drinking coffee, I know I know, Im a wimp. I dont like drinking beer as much as tequila! lets just leave it at that. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

IPOD Bull shit. Quick Post

Well I have done no knitting today. Because I have been trying to figure out how to get all my music off the I pod because in the past I wiped out my library to have the space on the hard drive. So today I was having a little problem, my ipod wouldn't register on I tunes and Im thinking something is going on with the little hard drive inside, So Im panicking because I have to get all the music off the pod and back in to I tunes. All 4,589 songs.. Because there is no way I am reloading all of those songs again onto a new I pod.
I tried a program called Ephpod But I was getting a little crazy and didn't know what I was doing so I stopped because I was afraid I was gonna loose the music all together.
So if anyone can help please feel free to let me know. I really need the help.

Tempting II, finished!

I can't help to laugh when I see David lee roth behind me. Does anyone else laugh at this?
Here goes... Alright dont laugh but my head looks like it shrunk in the picture. I love it But I think I could have done the band around the top with a size smaller needle. it kinda flops in the back and doesn't hold close to my skin. So I think some time in the future I need to do the band over. I have had enough of tempting II for now so it's just gonna situntil I get ot it. so any way here is the picture enjoy. And dont laugh to hard at my head. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I just have to say thank you so much to Pixie ! She has a great blog and she also has a pod cast on Itunes. Last week I sent her 2 pair of knitting needles I had made with some stitch markers and she really liked them and with that she gave me a blog spot light on her pod cast this week, YAY! I really love giving the stuff that I make away, I am not a good sales person, never have been. I have to admit it was pretty weird to have someone talk about you that you haven't met, It almost felt like when you would call into a radio show and talk on the air type of feeling. Weird I was notorious for doing that Way back when, to win stuff, I know im a weird like that in a nerdy way. But I have to say I really enjoy her pod cast the most, I can relate more to her than all the other pod casts on
Itunes, and there is no BS music breaks that I hate so much, I was so relieved when I found her pod cast. You have to check it out it's free. Most of all I feel like we are on the same level and that's what counts in my book. And yes pixie you did say my name right on the money.
knitting : I did finish the tempting II. I have to take a picture of it and post tomorrow morning. It came out great. The funniest thing I did and I thought I was being cool to out bid someone that was on the hunt also, but in the end I screwed my self royally. On eBay I found more Calmer in khaki the price wasn't bad until I decided to out bid the other person on the other end, So the price went up to 41 dollars for 5 balls which was great but then I thought to myself do I really need this in the same color, no not really. So of course I won it and it was from the UK and I was pissed because they charged me shipping and handling which was bull because the other balls I got the last timearound on eBay was only 15 bucks for 2 ball without any handling charges. So in the end it cost me 50 buck and I was so pissed. Don't know what I am gonna do with it, although there is 175 yards in each ball. So Im thinking another sweater in calmer from the Rowan calmer book.
The some what cowl... Im questioning my gauge. And Im not sure about it. I think it's on gauge, it looks on gauge even when I checked the gauge twice. It look a little small but I haven't even joined it yet so im going to knit a bit more and see what happens.
So until tomorrow, Have a good night. and an update with Tempting II will be up, I will model it for you all.

Next Project!!!!

The some What cowl... By Knit N tonic. She is a machine when see knits. She pumps out so many projects, I dont know where she finds the time. well It's worked on 5 needles and I feel my hands hurt after a while. But it's coming out great so far. I chose black because I knew that I wanted this to be something I can wear with every thing. I must shoot off to work now.
Have a great Tuesday! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fitted tank off the needles.

Done. And on the body. But Im not wearing it today. Today I have to get my butt over to Charlie Browns for a Baby shower for a friend at work. It's really early so im very happy about that. It looks really nice out so far, don't know what im wearing yet I need to get on that. So i leave you now I will be back later. Maybe to show you some shower pictures If I remember to bring my camera this time. Posted by Picasa