Monday, April 30, 2007

New knitting project

Im having so much fun knitting this dress for my little one. It's the same one as Efrat made in green for little miss M just a bigger size so she can wear it when shes two years old. I also started on a sweater out of this book a while ago and never finished what else is new. I absolutely love shine sport from knit picks it's so delightful to knit with you all must try it, I put off ordering it for a while I don't know why I did I cant wait to finish this cute little thing.
So my little baby is doing great she growing so fast she 2 months already and starting to smile and coo. This is the fun part coming up I cant wait till I hear that little giggle she already cracks me up when she tries talking back to me she just too cute I want to eat her up. I Love being mom so much there is not enough words to explain my world today. Oh and by the way we didn't pose her finger like that, When Mark turned around and looked at her he ran to take a picture of her like that we were hysterical laughing.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Motherhood update...... WOW!!!!!

All is well, Im really enjoying being a mom it is the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life, And I know it's rewarding now I can't imagine in all the years to come. it's funny, yesterday I was showing little miss M some flash card and she seemed to be looking right at them making faces. I hope she was soaking them all in, I told my friend what I was doing and she said I was a Nut!!! and I said hey it cant hurt, so little by little shes learning all the colors and shapes I don't think is to young to start. I feel really bad when shes just sitting next to me and gazing off into I don't know where it gets me worried a little with all the things that I read about Autism. she looks into my eyes which a good sign but all else you start to question.....
It's so scary being a parent you just want your child to be ok and all you do is worry and Im not the worrying type but these day I seem to be. Its all so crazy.

On the knitting front. I bought a new book it's called ITTY BITTY HATS from Susan B. Anderson It's got the best little and creative hats on the planet. Im on my next hat its pink and on the top of the hat will be white petals like an upside down flower it's the cutiest little thing. I will leave you a picture of the Little one.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Itty-bitty Hats Oh My !

This book it so amazing I made this hat in no time. I love the little curlys on top that was the fun part. More to come.

Monday, April 02, 2007