Monday, January 26, 2009

Sock crazy.

I know I said I wasn't a big fan a few weeks ago, Well lied. I was looking through my draws and pulled out so many sock that I have knit throughout the years and wow I love them all. Sooooo !!!! I ran to the yarn shop and picked up some noro sock yarn and knit with this absolute beautiful yarn, A pair was born in two days. love it love it love it ! But the picture is not the noro, It is STR that I had in stash. Bought it as the MSWF way back. Im not crazy about the color orange but its nice when knit up. I have to think of someone to give these to. The bag was given to me by a wonderful person that was my SP, also long ago. Thanks Wendy? I still use it.

So on the personal level I need more hours at work so I am going to a temp agencies on wed. I'm not worried about finding work its just now that having a child seems like your looked down upon that your all of a sudden you are the unreliable one god forbid something goes wrong at the sitter or at home and you have to run. I do understand from the employee stance but at least give the person a chance. I can tell you on interviews in the past one of the first questions is do you have children? Why should that matter ! I could go on about this but I wont. I have to go and feed the child one of my stay at home duties. I don't stay at home all the time I do have a part time job, I need to make more money to get the personal bills down.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Knitting Crazed

Ok So lately ive been knitting till my fingers bleed. It's so weird I couldn't pick up needles when i was pregnant, I wasn't that into it throughout all of last year, I guess moving was a big part. I was working around the house getting every thing together but Lately I can't put them down and when it gets closer to finishing one project im looking for the next on line. So what im getting at is I was looking through my stash and I came across Socks that Rocks That i purchased at MSWF when i went long ago with fellow knitters Dani and Mary. Im not a huge sock knitter and I wanted to do something different with this beautiful yarn, now that im knitting with it I wish I were more into knitting socks. the indoor picture does it no justice I should take a picture during the day. I love the interlock pattern so Im on a roll. I normally don't like doing the same pattern for a scarf but now that I know it so well after I did the first one I could watch TV and knit put it down and not forget my place.