Friday, May 26, 2006

Lovers Beach.

and this is where we will be sitting. Posted by Picasa

See you in 9 days

Cabo Here we come. Posted by Picasa

Cabo san lucas Project.

And this is what I will be taking with me. And will be done by the time I get back. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Out with the old socks and in with the new

Love the feel of the STR but the colorway reminds me of another pair I knitted a while ago from Moda dea. Not liking this colorway at all. But they were fun to knit up,and I cant wait to get to the farmhouse Socks that rock. and I learned to do the kitchners stitch with a darning needle and it works great There is no turning back. Posted by Picasa

In with the new Lornas laces.

Just look at those stripes. I picked this up at stitches east last year and it sat in the cubby for a while till I got back into the grove of socks and wow, I like it alot. But I think im going to take this on the plane with me and knit them up on Vacation I was thinking a different project but Im rethinking it and just bring something protable or maybe I can start the Baby Bolero from One skein? that's just a little something to think about. Ahhhhh!!!!! Im freaking out. I packed all day today and running around getting all the bills out of the way.Went to Target and got some extra flip flops and such. All I have to do is pack the makeup and the last little odds and ends. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Shelter Island Run 5/20/06

So here is Mark crossing the finish line. He beat out his time last year and was very pleased with himself. I love being at the finish line cheering him on like a lunatic. It was by far beautiful day when the rain stopped in the morning. we got there so early and it was a very progressive knitting day for me, I knit all the way to shelter Island while we were there and all the way back and my hands were killing me I didnt want to touch another needle for a week, so I will be picking them up in a few minutes to finish the sock so I can have a pair. I always go back on my word.
So today I made a nice pot of Sunday sauce and we are having sunday pasta dinner out side with some of our friends. Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 19, 2006

Want to see whats inside? Posted by Picasa

A sock project bag!

that's not all, She even made a sock bag for all the sock knitting I've been doing lately, She did such a fabulous job, She blew me out if the water with my felted and lined bag I made for her. I love the colors so much. Pink and Brown are definitely my favorite colors theses days. Posted by Picasa

All I have to say is HOLY CRAP!

FUZZBUBBLE stitch markers. I was freaking out on these, when I saw them through the tissue paper even before I opened it I was like oh my god oh my god, That is Marks band so you can imagine how much meaning they have. I can't wait till he comes home from work to see these. How cool are these? among the ecard I got from wendy that makes me laugh peeing in my pants every time i look at it, I will cherish these forever. Thank you so so so much Wendy. Posted by Picasa

Little kitty earings

It amazes me how creative other people are.
I can't thank you enough.
A million thank yous.
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you........
Anktay oooyay!
Thank you a lot. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


One down and one more to go. no second sock syndrome here. Im also still working on the SWC. the 2x2 ribbing is killing my fingers. AHHHH!!! They are screaming for help . Although I am Almost done Ive put the Lap top down which is key to when you want to get some good knitting In to finish slow Moving projects. Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 15, 2006

I don't want to goto work Monday.

So this is my brother DOUG.
Mothers day was great. Mom was happy to see everyone together that's all it takes for Mom to smile. Everyone looks really great And I feel very relieved keeping my mind as ease, I feel like I don't have to worry as much like everyday as I have in the past.
I love my brother, I really do. I think that's all I can say for now, In my head is a million emotions that I can't write on the post. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A great weekend to start!

First thing first I need to say Thank you so much to Becky my Vacation swap pal. She sent me the most amazing package, with a great theme of colors - Purple and green She hit it right on the head. She even made a Cat toy for Stan that he went crazy over he was playing with it all night
I went to work this morning and after work I went to Efrats house for an afternoon of crafts. It was going to be Lizzyies last day with us, she is moving to Philidelphia for school I wish her the best of luck!
So I was at Efrats for Three hour and it was so much fun. We made pins with slides and clip art and used this silver and copper tape that wrapped around the edges, I have to take pictures of them all, Also Magnet with clip art. They came out so beautiful.
So when I left Efrats house I needed to get plants for mothers day and Then stop at the store to get Hambuger buns for some company that we were having back at our house, so when I got home I had a box waiting for me to open up, which I was so suprised. So I waited till after I ate something to open it. when I sat down and open it, i opened slowly and enjoyed every second of it. Just look at the pictures.
But I have been running all day and right now it is 2:32 In the morning I need some rest I have a long day tomorrow On the run again.
I have to say to all the moms and especially My Mom.

And one more time. Yes he Loves his toy. Ya Think! Posted by Picasa


Some cascade In a great purple with a ball of NORO for the contrast color to do the Kristina Bag for black sheep Bags.
Posted by Picasa

And a travel purse!!

I am very spoiled. She crocheted me a very cool wrap around travel purse, that I am so taking with me on vacation. And I will have pictures to prove it when I come back. Posted by Picasa


See!!! Posted by Picasa

Stans Like What the hell are you doing.

And stan loves his little crocheted mouse with a little bit cat drugs in it. I have picture proof. Posted by Picasa

Green Chibi!!!

A close up shot Of some of the goodies. And a Chibi in Green. it's so funny when Dani ,Mary and I were in Baltimore We went to Joanns Just to get needles and I saw the Last green Chibi and I let it go. Mary wanted to buy it and I already Had the Blue Chibi, Im glad she wanted it Because this green Chibi was on it's way to me in the greatest box. Hehehehehehe! Posted by Picasa

Pictures Madness

This was such a great gift. I hope Becky get a great vacation swap pal. She even added a little gift for Stan. He attacked in an instant. Posted by Picasa

Becky Strikes......

Just some close up shots of the gifts. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A small Project complete.

I completely forgot what it was like to just Knit one row and Purl one row It's so boring.
A quick little bag I dont think I will ever use it I do have to line it because anything you put in it will poke right through and fall to the floor. I think I have someone in mind for this one.
And yes this is the Suss Kit I was talking about it was like 40 % off at AC Moore. Posted by Picasa

Sock!!!! I have the fever !!

Doing well with the socks, Only because I have been paying attention to it. I really love working with this yarn I can even express how much I am in love with it. The color way is not my favorite it's called Hard Rock, I cant wait till I get to the farm house colorway.
I haven't been workin on somewhat cowl because Im up to the ribbing and you know how much I love to Rib. YUCK!!!!!! Im 90 percent done, I got this far I think I need to really concentrate on it, But not until I finish the socks.
And one other thing......... Do you see the I POD color screen 30 gig with video sitting so pretty. Well Mark surprised me with it when I got back from Maryland. Although I did throw a little hint Before I left. Only because my other 4th generation one that I had just felt like it didn't want to work any more and I never bought a warranty for it so I was shit out of luck and it wasn't worth sending it out to repair, So I came to the conclusion that I needed another one with a 3 year warranty. The old one only lasted a year and a half. So thank god because I was so lost without my pod and being that we are going away at the end of the month I need it to take my mind off getting onto the plane and a little pill to put me out. I cant wait. So that's it for now,
Everyone have a great day. Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 08, 2006


It's a little blurry. But you get the idea. Posted by Picasa

Impatient....... Ya think!

this is me, as soon as we got back to the hotel I rolled up some sock yarn and had myself a great time knitting this up, it's very dreamy. Posted by Picasa

The Fold = Socks That Rock

What was behind the curtain? wouldn't you like to have been there. It was so beautiful to see when it was unvailed. I couldnt wait to see what was under the sheet at 8:30 in the morning I did take a peek. I stole this picture from Dani's Blog because I took like 1 picture. Posted by Picasa