Monday, January 29, 2007

Do I look like my mom ?

Piddleloop suprise

And Jennifer over at gave me some extra goodies for the little one soon to come, I ordered the two pouched for Valentines day only because I love hearts and I will use them all year round i need a new pouch One of them is going in my hospital bag with some chapstick and some makeup and other things im going to need. Thank you so much Jennifer I love the monkey onesee and the bib.

Licorice Whip

I couldn't help myself I had to start this sweater I had so much blue skys left over and plenty of it. The only thing I didn't do on the sweater was the lace front but as im looking at it as im kintting Im wondering if I should have. But I like it so far because its knitted from the top down, no seaming required thank god and it's really going quickly.

Not My idea

"Islander game on Saturday" And what a great game it was. We had such a great time. They played buffalo sabres and won 5 to 3. Right before they got on the ice Mark wanted to take a picture of my belly with the background that you see here. Oh and I forgot to bring some knitting but as it was I would have never picked it up, the game was way to exciting. BTW I have knitting content but I have to take pictures and post right after this.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snap shot.

Yeah suprise. I love candid shots. I was so tired by this picture.

Baby shower time

It was a great day. extremely over whelming.

more shower photos

Just a few photos, just to show you how big I really am. I look at myself in pictures and Im like OMG am I really that big. But it's all belly let me assure you. Pictures can be very deceiving.


I have better pictures during the shower I just have to get on the computer, But It was such a beautiful shower we had the best food I was loving the mussels so much I asked for another plate. So as the guests were coming in and placing the gifts in the back area I was dying inside thinking where the heck am I going to put all of this in our house, It was all so overwhelming and very touching at the same time. I was sweating while opening every thing and everyone was so generous it was really really nice. So the next day I was on the floor in our room and Mark peeked in and laughed and said not to move and got the camera and snapped this shot, every thing was all over the place so you could imagine why I thought what I did while looking at the gifts at the shower. Ahhhhhhh! but we found a place for everything and now all the chaos is over for now and stan our cat is settled he was a basket case when all the packages were in the living room he didn't know what to make of it with all the weird and different smells. He's Ok now thank god I was getting worried for when the little one gets here. But I know that will be another adventure. Bye for now I will get the other pictures up soon.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I did it again

I said I wouldn't buy any more yarn and I went surfing and ran into some Lornas laces shepherd socks from and did the total opposite. And I love the crystal palace needles and put 6 inch size 3 crystal palace double pointed needles into the shopping cart Whats wrong with me? I have to say Lornas is so beautiful and so soft. As you can see Im on a sock kick and I can't stop somebody help me. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

the other sock

This is the 3:30 in the morning sock I started.

Second sock syndrome

The other day I was blog surfing and I came accross a whole lot of blogger that knit sock and more socks so I went looking through the yarn bins I have in the attic and I found these and I got right on them, and then im looking through an old knitting bag and I found another sock with the second ball of yarn to start the next sock and I started that one at 3:30 this morning due to severe heart burn and the baby kicking me to no end, I don't think she like the spicy calamari. But 7 more weeks and the shower is this weekend coming I know I shouldn't know about it but I do. you can never keep those things a secret.