Monday, October 31, 2005

The Interview

Alright... Well it goes like this... I show up about 30 mins early. I figured I get in and out. But 1:15 they kept to there schedule.. Any way My boss works with the oral surgeon and refers patients out to him, that is how I got the interview. So the doctor calls me in and the first thing they say was that they needed full time and they would love to have me. Would I consider coming to working full time with them.... They were trying to steal me from Dr. K hehehehehe! I find that so funny. Any way Another bomb. There is no way I would leave Dr. K because of the full benefits and I told them that. I wish they would have said that they would give me the same.... But no!!!! Adios.... See ya....
So any way Halloween was great we had so many Trick o Treaters.. I ran out of candy and Mark had to run and get more. And then off to school he went.....
Knitting: I am still working on the baby sweater Im almost done and the Cable scarf with Feza that me SP gave to me.....
I was going to sign up for SP 6 But I think it's too late and I said that I wasn't going to do it till after Christmas....
And that about it....

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Happy Holloween

Happy Halloween !!!!Posted by Picasa

A little Black and white photos

Happy Halloween !!! Posted by Picasa

In port Jeff.

Harleys and honeys.
We had fun.... I was so tired by the end of the night. I was ready to get home. Posted by Picasa

Buddy !

Ladies he is single, Any one what to take him home? Posted by Picasa

Allison and Rob.

I wanted to get the coloring on their faces from the boat that was burning but didn't capture it.
So I used the flash. Bla Posted by Picasa

Sayville Boat Burning/ Drinking in Port jefferson.

It was actually chilling to see a boat on fire. Weird. We really didn't stay long I felt bad leave so quickly, But the other couple had another Adjenda. Which worked out. Rob had won a contest actually it was a drawing that if he won which he did him and ten of his friends can drink free, Just Drafts and crappy liquor but we had fun I caught a little buzz. We didn't get till 2 - which is weird because I remember the days I didn't get home till 5 and I was ready to keep going. Now that's not even in the cards, Im still tired and It's 4:30 PM.
And not only am I tired Im cold. The heater is not working in our home and we called several places and they are all very backed up and are very busy, So we are on a waiting list. But we have a little space heater that my mom and Dad gave us and we are sitting on the floor fighting over who's feet got next dibs on warming up.
Any way Knitting : I've been knitting up the feza I love it it's looking good. The only thing is the brown keeps raveling and I have to pull it down as I knit But I love the way it's coming out.
Im also working on a baby sweater 3-6 months size In blue and it's working up so nicely and quick.
So tonight we are going to another spook walk at the North patchogue fire house, that will be fun and scary. And that's about it. Monday I have an interview for some extra work in an oral surgeons office in stonybrook Im sure I will get it because it's my bosses friend and he called for me. I don't know why I didn't ask him in the first place. What ever, It's to late to look back on now. Just move forward.

Monday, October 24, 2005

SP Package!

Thank you so much SP ......
I have to rip open the Bead Mag. Posted by Picasa

Awesome Yarn !

It's Dali By It' really beautiful I have to get some stick and dive into this yarn. And there it 242 yards of this stuff. Posted by Picasa

Secret Pal gift!!!! Ahhhhh!

I love it. I have to rip into the bead book. I was just looking at my beads and was wondering what to do with them. I needed a guide, I Thank you for that And I absolutely love the yarn It matches my chocolate Guess Suede Jacket I was looking for a good brown color but just not plain brown I needed a little something else in it and you sent me the perfect Yarn, Really Im gonna knit it up as soon as im done with this post. I love the note cards! And the new knit scene I was looking at it the other night at Borders It's pretty good, I think its a bit better than Knit 1 mag.
And the needle case will come in handy, Due to My Cat "Stan". He eats the top tips of my needles I want to kill him half the time, but he's too cute! When I come home from work I see them on the floor half eaten, It's really funny because I can just see him swatting them with his paw. Sometime I think he wants to learn how to knit.
But Thank you so much all the packages you sent to me are so great,
It's a lot of fun going to the mail box and there's a box/bag sticking out and knowing that it's a gift for you. I love it.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Clap ! hehehehehe!

It's such a gross word that other knitters use for it for short!
We went over that last SnB it was so funny that my eyes were tearing.
Any way im almost done I have accomplished a lot. Posted by Picasa


I know it's a simple cable stitch, I had extra yarn and I decided start a cable scarf! On Thursday Lilah from SnB was starting a Cable scarf for her Boyfriend and I knew that I had the perfect yarn for a cable scarf. Posted by Picasa

Ever hear a cat growl ?

It was so funny as I was putting the sweater on him all you can hear was Gerrrrrr!
Stan is definitely not a fan of the sweater.
Look mom. Stan is a little bit too big for it. All I have to do is tie in the ends.
Nice colors! Posted by Picasa

All day Saturday.

We woke up at 10:30 am And this is where I stayed the whole day knitting the sweater.
Mark snuck in a picture. Posted by Picasa

Top side.

This was the top of the sweater. I really like the colors this was the Noro my Secret Pal sent to me ,I didn't use much of it only a skein and a quarter. Posted by Picasa

There was some yarn and some needles, And a pattern Posted by Picasa

A good story for blog land.

So we went to see the straitjackets on Saturday night. We rode in and it took us about an hour to get to Brooklyn which isn't bad we get there we park in the lost across the street. We go in and we have a great time. So now we are ready to leave, We walk out and I look up and the car was gone. Yes my friends is was gone, Towed away! But it wasn't marks car it was one of his friends.We tried callin the company but they didn't open till 9 am Saturday morning. Mind you we are in Brooklyn and now we have to trek home on the train. We get to the train station and the train doesn't leave to Jamaica till 2:41. And then we had to switch to the Ronkonkoma Train. It's now 1:00 am so we are hanging out on Flatbush Avenue at one in the morning with three white guys and me and it's getting later. I have to say I did have a lot of fun, I love riding the train. But I think im done with the straitjackets. So in all end - We got home at 5:00 am, We were exhausted.
So we went to a Halloween spooky walk in Holtsville at the PAL sports complex. It was so good and very well done. And very Scary. I love to scream and I love being scared. It was funny, the girl there said I was more scared then the kid were.
So all day yesterday we stayed in and and I knitted all day. And I made a sweater for my mothers dog "Mac" a little mini Pint. He is cute ! I have pictures of it and when I was done I had Stan to model it for "Mac" it really came out good I have to send it to my mom.
And that was my weekend. A very fulfilling one at that.

Friday, October 21, 2005

It looks a lot better in person.

It is a little smaller than how it looks in the picture.
I like it.! it's a good size. Posted by Picasa

It didn't work

I have to play around with it a little more . I didn't have the time right now. But I will get it you will see. I shall prevail.

Alright I Got some blog info from valerie !

Ok here goes Im gonna try to do place links in the post that Valerie's
Taught me how to do it, Actually she wrote it down for me on a panera napkin for me.
But now I can place the links. Im so happy I always feel bad when I just type the names of people, It's just that I didn't know what the hell I was donig. I hope everyone knew that. I know my blog is kinda lame I still have a lot to learn with HTML. Its all Japanese to me. I really have to get to Dani's one of these days so she can teach every thing I need to know.
So hope the codes work I won't find out till im done with this post.
So on the knitting front. I am almost done with the clapotee! I have been really working on it since last night. I can't wait to wrap it around me and wear it this winter. I hope it keeps me warm. I did felt the new bag it is so cute. I really like it, I really want to give it away but I placed a pin with stich markers on it and I place the calp in it and I went to stich and bitch. I know im so bad. I have so many bags I need to gift them. I will do so this Christmas.
Tonight we are going to the Los straight jackets in Brooklyn. I've seen them the last time they came around They put on a great show. And now I have to get dressed and head to the Library to return some books. And see what they got. But first I have to get in the shower. I will have some pictures of the show I will post them tomorrow, You have to see the pics it's pretty funny. They play in masks you have to look it up I have to post the link it's hilarious

Monday, October 17, 2005

It need to be felted. Not sure when im gonna get the chance to do so. But you will see the finished product. Posted by Picasa

Sheep & wool festival.

I am so mad I didn't get to go. I wish I had made plans to do so. I am reading all morning on everyone else's blog that they went and all the pictures ahhhhhh! Im so mad. I love it up state. It's so beautiful this time of year. And Woodstock. Im almost positive Jenn And Suzy went this past weekend, I glances at the pictures on suzys blog and it sure looked like they were there.
But any way Mark and I had a good time at my moms and good eats. It was good to see my parents and my brother. He looks good. And on the right track. And I also got some good movies from my dad. So when we came home we watched the end of the baseball game and put on the Hollow. It was good not as bad as I thought it would be. And I have many more movies to go through.
I finished another bad. I have to felt it. Im going to have to give this one as a gift for Christmas.
And I really want to finish the sleeves on the cable sweater and move on to the front. That is my goal for today.
November 8 the BUTCH WALKER @ the bowery ball room. Ahhhhh! I can't wait. That's gonna be awesome. I love going into the city for shows. It's a Tuesday night so im going to have to leave work early. And that s about it. I must go to the post office today,I need to send out a package for SP. And then one more to go in December. I almost want to sign up for another one but I think this time im gonna do it for the 4 month or whatever the shorter one is. Not that I didn't enjoy this time. I am not really good at keeping time. And I always end up sending late and it makes me feel bad. But I don't think I did so bad with this SP.
Any way gotta fly. Until next post!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Chris and Mark .

See how excited they were to see the pumpkin. Posted by Picasa

These were just a few of them that I made this week.I made them longer this time. Not the short ones. I was having a problem making them really smooth. not sure what to do about that. I have to ask around. Posted by Picasa

Pretty Kitty

He is such a poser. It's like he knows im taking his picture. Posted by Picasa

Holy Pumpkin!

We went to the Riverhead craft fair last weekend and this was about the only exciting thig I came across. It was a Big sucker! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The sun will come out tomorrow!

OMG! I thought it will never come out. I was happy this morning when I didn't hear the rain fall. So we got up, got dressed and headed out for a little ride. It was nice to see blue sky.
So tomorrow im going to see my mom for a little while, eat dinner. I cant wait for the artichokes. I have to take some knitting for me to do while im there. I can't wait to see the her dog. It's been a while So not really much to report. I know im boring this month. Oh wait a minute, I made like 20 pairs of knitting needles they came out awesome I have to take a picture of them. Oh and today when we were out I stopped at AC MOORE, And I saw Leila from the SnB group she was holding some yarn to her cheek it was funny seeing what all other people (knitters) do while shopping for yarn. But any way im sorry for the short post please forgive me. I will have lots to post maybe Monday. hehehehe!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rain Rain go away, Come back next Year!

I really wish this were all Snow! This was I can snuggle under the covers on the carpet and knit in front of the TV and just be so Very content. But this we know wont happen till December.
Any way it has been so miserable. I don't have the energy to blow out my hair in the morning it's just not worth the effort. I hope mom doesn't read that because then she will yell at me.
Work has been chaotic. Everyone is acting wacky and it make the day drag, because I can't wait to leave and go home. I need to find another additional job fast to get the money rolling in, So I can keep up with the increases in the heat this winter. Maybe I should bite my tongue before I say I want it to snow.
So tomorrow I am off and I have a doctors appointment for my annual check up. And I will take the time to pack up my SP gift and close the box and send it off. I also am getting ahead on the cable knit sweater, I am on the arms and they are fun doing the cable pattern and all. So I had a bright idea as I was surfing along I came across a blog I don't remember which one, But she knitted up a sweater, put it all together and then she through it in a pot of dye and it came out beautiful. And that's exactly what Im going to do. I can't wait to finish. Im almost there.
this weekend we are supposed to go camping but im not sure if I want to go if the weather is like this no way no how. But I think im going down to moms for dinner on Sunday. Can't wait she told me she was going to make stuffed artichokes, I can't wait. So that is my week/weekend. I should post some pictures I have to go searching for some.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Yes I love my cat. He's my pal during the day and by night he doesn't want to know me when Mark gets home, it's amazing how they change their habits and who they prefer. You gotta love them. Posted by Picasa

Action shot!

Looks like he's screaming.
Posted by Picasa

The best way to shop for books!

Amazon. I tell ya, I will never buy another book from borders again.
Alterknit and odd ball knitting were 30 bucks and free shipping.
you can't go wrong. And holiday knits I bought for 12.95
I bargain shop for books I refuse to pay full price. Posted by Picasa

Cable sweater " Vintage Knits"

I started last night when I got home from SnB. I was up until almost 3 am. I got up at 8 this morning with Mark. And I am not tired. Thanks to the coffee.
the sweater is knit up on small needles size 3 and swich to size 6. Not bad. I like to knit small. I can't wait to start the cables on the sleeve. Yea!!!!! Posted by Picasa

I Made it to my favorite place on earth last night

My favorite place except for being wrapped in marks arms, That's my first favorite place.
But any way. I made it there and I was kinda late. But as long as I made it before Suzy and Rebecca left. I had little gifts for them for their Birthdays. They were knitting needles that I made and they loved them along with other little goodie's. And the funny part was I didn't knit a thing. I just love being there with all my friends. I wish SnB were everyday.
Which reminds me I have to get my secret pal gift out. I bought a couple of things yesterday to add to the box, I can't tell you what it is.
And this goes out to Dani, I ordered the Van Halen 101 book for marks B-DAY, Im waiting for it in the mail today. It's new they have it on eBay. And I also bought him an analog peddle for him to rock out on his amp and Van Halen Guitar. I can't wait till he opens it.
And what else I went ot see Paul McCartney at the Garden on Tuesday night. It was amazing, I love him, I saw a Beatle. That was my second time. And I hope to see him some more.
And that's about it. I few extra things I won't add to this post because I don't feel like it because they are personal. So I am not posting it. Hehehehehehe!
Have a great Rainy day for all my New York friends And to all others im sure it is Bright and sunny. I love rainy days.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Mark and Rich!

Just another shot of the boys. It's hard to get a great shot when they are moving around so much. Posted by Picasa

I did knit yesterday. In the dressing room.

I lied, I was knitting this weekend, We had so much time to kill, so I took my knitting along and I was sitting there while all the guys were drinking, I had a beer or two. That's my knitting bag in my hands. Mark cought me with the camera. Posted by Picasa