Sunday, July 31, 2005

I've been Tagged!!!

I think this is the first time I responded to one of rebecca's tags.!!! Im Sorry Rebecca,
Idiosyncrasyn. pl. id· i·o·syn·cra·sies-A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.Write down five of your own personal idiosyncracies.

1. Im always Checking On this one Little Black hair that grows out of chin. Im to young for this crap, But I learned that my mom had the same annoying hair that happens to her on the same spot.

2. I spend too much money on my hair at the salon to have them get the gray hairs dyed properly, I would use the box but then it would come out too patchy The box color just doesn't cut it.

3. When ever Mark or I open the screen door on our way in the house, I always have to hold the door so the door doesn't slam, I hate in the morning when mark leaves for work and he lets the door slams.

4. When ever im cooking something in a pot that needs to be stirred, I have to watch mark so that he doesn't scrape the bottom of the pot, It drives me crazy because he will scrape it with a metal spoon.

5. When I do laundry and stack the laundry in the laundry bag with the clean folded clothes, I have to carry the bag myself so that the cloths don't fall over and I don't have to refold. I don't even let mark take the bag from me.

I know Im crazy. I can't help it.

Friday, July 29, 2005

A new picture for (piddleloop) Jenn

This is for jenn, Last night she callled me a nut because you can't see the detail in the picture I took of the bolero it was too dark. I know, I don't know how to take good pictures like jenn does. I think I need a new camera. the one I have now Sucks. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 28, 2005

My Cactus! I think thats the way to say it.

My mom bought these for me. They came in a little plastic pot and I repotted them in these pot I had for the longest time and I finally found use for them. I love Cactus plants I never had one to care for and now I do. Thanks Mom, I love them !!! Posted by Picasa

Im done !!!!!

I love this so much, you can't see the detail that well Ill have to take an outside shot of it. I know Im going to be wearing this every chance I get.
Do you like the lights in the back . It give it a little rock n roll effect. Posted by Picasa

Some weather relief!! Ahhhhh!.

I know Im boring. But I hate titles. Any way I finished my bolero. It looks awesome. I can't wait to wear it on the plane. And that reminds me I have to figure out what Im going to take with me on the plane. I do have plans to start the clapotis with the yarn that my secret pal sent to me. I was reading uo on the pattern for the past few days.
Ahhhhhh! Im leaving next Sunday, Im scared shit. I wonder if im gonna be able to knit anything, Because im gonna be so zonked. We'll see. But were going to Arizona and California. I know I know it's gonna be like a million degrees. But what are you gonna do. Mark might be playing a show in California, which would be really cool I can't wait. Im really interested in Arizona, everyone says it's beautiful there. Especially in the winter months. I wish we were going then but Mark has school so there goes that. But that's really it. Except this weekend im going to my moms and im sleeping over, it's gonna be fun . Just for one night and it my friend Carols birthday so maybe we'll go out. Any way gotta fly. Busy day at work today and I have be there a little early to set up......
Have a great day!

Monday, July 25, 2005

I love great weekends.

We had such a great weekend. We woke up and had a nice romantic breakfast outside on the patio set, our first table. I laugh because we don't have a table in the house we eat on the coffee table. We went to a back yard party and eat good food and I drank 4 huge, I mean huge glass of the sweetest iced tea you can ever imagine. But it was good.
So Listen to this, Marks friend had a baby 18 months ago and I knitted a beautiful blue blanket made with Cabana and I had so much fun doing it. Yesterday I found out that that's his blankie,she can't leave home without it for him, I was so happy I couldn't believe it, It made me feel so good, I can't wait to knit stuff for my child.
But any way I went to see my mom and help her unpack some stuff they moved and it was a lot for her I felt bad for not being there to help more. But we had a great time I didn't get home till almost 1 am and mark got home right after me which I was happy because I hate being home alone. He went to the City to see the Raspberries play at BB Kings.
So on the knitting front I've been working on the Bolero and im almost done with the right side and then all I have to do is pick up all the stiches around the edges, Im hearing that im not going to be happy while doing it. I don't think im gonna mind it. Im gonna try to finish it today. I woke up early and I have all of today to finish. And mom asked me if I was done with the skirt and I told her I put it off for a day or so. But I have been working on it in between the bolero. Ill have it done before the winter. I promise mom.
Have a good day everyone.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Coney Island.

We had a blast. This is where all the freaks hide out. It was the Siren Fest, all these bands played, one of the band sounded like the Cure, I don't remember their names. I wish I had better photos to show you what I mean Posted by Picasa

Just a beach shot.

This was here on long island at a beach called west meadow.
I love moments like these. Posted by Picasa

Coney Island !

The best place on earth. It's history. These are the things I will miss if I ever move away. Posted by Picasa

These are Marks closest friends

These are my favorites of marks friends. They are so out there, I love them, and they are so much fun to hang with. They look like my body guards. hehehe!
We were on line waiting for a Nathans Hot Dog, They were Yummy! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 18, 2005

Just Another shot of Stan

Posted by Picasa

Fiery Bolero

I casted on for this the other night, It works up quick, I think I can finish this soon. But I hav eot hold off till I finish the mom skirt. Im up to the two seprate side front of the bolero. Not bad I like it a lot. Posted by Picasa

I hate the Summer!!!! When it's Humid like it is.....

I have to say it's disgusting right now and for the past four days... YUCK!!!!!
But I guess you just have to deal with it.
Well it's a little less that 3 weeks till Arizona And California! I can't wait. We are going to have so much fun. I not looking forward to the plane but hey.
I am already thinking on what project to take with me on the plane. I started up the fiery Bolero from IW in black , Black goes with everything so I know i will wear it a lot. But I will be done by the time we are ready to go, so I have to come up with a project. I still have to finish my mom's skirt. It's on it way.
I finally got rid of the purple in my hair, what a mistake. It was cool in the beginning but if i would have known haw much you have to keep up with it, I would not have done it. But I am back to normal. Yea! Im happy now. And That about it. Oh Im still waiting for my bopeep yarn Im so mad, it's taking forever. But I have other things going on so im not that mad. I just want to finish another checkered bag and felt it already. It's a gift this one is not for me.
Gotta skoot, I have to think about what to make for dinner, Im thinking chicken Cutlets and some corn and rice. Im getting hunger already. Gotta fly.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Mail Call

I love getting little packages in the mail, It make my day complete when I get home from work,
Oh and when I come home to my hubby. Posted by Picasa


Jenn's markers, Aren't they great. Posted by Picasa

Photo shoot !!!

I was just having a photo shoot with the second love of my life. Posted by Picasa

It's Friday. This is my all time title for Fridays

I am so excited for tonight, Mark is playing Jones Beach, doesn't that sound cool. I wish it was the theater but it's not. It's in field four, on the beach, I can't wait. I have to take pictures, I have my video camera ready to go.
So on the knitting front, Not really much to report. I am still working on moms skirt, I've been so side tracked with the beading thing, It's very addicting. But I have so many projects in mind and lined up for knitting. I really have to concentrate on the skirt that my goal.
And Ta Da!!!! I received my package from Jennifer. I love them all. Your crazy involved with the stich marker thing, I was the same way when I started. and next your going to get into making jewerly. Thank you so much Jenn, When you get your package let me know, I'll just peek at your blog and find out.
All in all Im so glad I have these hobbies to keep me busy, I love them all and will never give them up.

Monday, July 11, 2005

My new patio set !

you have no Idea how excited I was when my mom said to take the set. We really don't have nice furniture for the back yard. This really completed it. Thanks Mom and Dad Posted by Picasa

It's been a few days !!!!!

I know I know. I have been so busy doing crap around the house this weekend went so fast. On Sunday I went down to my moms house to grab some of my stuff in my old room, I was taking a little at a time through the months, but now that they are moving I needed to go through everything and throw everything I didn't need out! There was so much stuff I accumulated over 6 years wow!
My mom and dad also gave us the patio set, I love it, I was out there this afternoon sitting in the cozy shade the was a little breeze, not much, I would have sat earlier but it was way too hot.
So on the way home from the Bronx Mark and I were talking about our new/ old stuff and how great it was gonna be when we have our next back yard party, I can't wait.
So mom liked the skirt but I have to make it a little longer which is easy, I'll just pick up on the end.
I kind of stalled on the knitting for a few days, I've been beading just making bracelets for the summer I made quite a lot, I gave them away as gifts. And every one loved them, I made an all silver one which really rocks. I love it. Im a silver girl.But i have to find a web site for cheaper beads, I will have to search later Im so tired my mother inlaw went away and were watching the cats and plants this week until Thursday. Not too bad the sprinklers are on so it's not that much to water. She has a garden a big garden, too much work for me I wouldn't have one that big. I can barely keep up with the little pots that I have out side. Especially on these hot days.
But any way gotta fly, Im hot and sticky and I need to take a shower and cool off.
Good night.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Just wanted to share the great colors
these are all my favorite put together.
What can I make out of all of this? Posted by Picasa

Almost done!

I wish it were a closer picture, I was home alone, so I had to put the camera on timer.
It's coming out great, Half way through .. Posted by Picasa

It feels like pea soup !!

Hey All .... What a great weekend, Great weather. And no humidity. Untill today. Yuck! Went to marks friends house in sound beach, What a great area, about half way through the party we took a walk to the beach which was walking distance and I couldn't believe my eyes there were these houses that blew me away! WOW! Some day I will have that, Maybe In my next life. It was Beautiful.
So when we got to the party I went straight for the punch and I spiked it myself, with coconut rum yummy! I have to make that for our next party. It was made with pina colada mix pineapple juice and red grapefruit Juice, I never tasted any punch like it ever. And that was my 4th of July.
On the knitting front, I've been working very hard on my moms skirt I have a picture, and I was looking on line today for extra yarn just in case and I found the same yarn in the yarn market site and it was 10 dollars cheaper. What ever but I figure out after the shipping it would of only been 5 dollars cheaper.
I also found another tank top I haven't finished putting together and It was just like the other top I made that I posted, But the back of it is white, I'll post it too.
And that about it. Another party to goto this weekend, and then down to my moms for some of my stuff that I left there and my bedroom set and some other stuff.
until next post everyone have a great week.......

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Just waiting for the big party !!!

Not much going on at the moment. Just waiting for tomorrow to party, Don't know why tomorrow, tonight's the the night to get crazy. I have to work on Tuesday and I can't really drink all night long. But whatever.
So Got up in the middle of the night with allergies, it woke me up @ 3AM I was so tired fell asleep on the couch and woke up at like 6AM and went back in the bed. They come out of no where, I will be fine for a week and the BANG! im dyeing. so my friend Carol came over this morning,we had coffee and caught up on things. Had a few laughs and the she went off to Mahopac NY, that's where she lives. She was out at her cousins in the Hamptons for the weekend and she always swings by on her way home. Then Mark and I went for a bike ride and My legs were killing me that just goes to show you what kind of shape im in. Shhhhh!! Don't tell anyone. And here I am back in the house posting. And that was my day. Can't wait till tomorrow................

A project in between Projects. Sorry Mom !!!

I couldn't resist grabbing my needles and casting on for this bag
It took only a day and I felted today at my friend Jennifers house,
She has the best washing machine for felting. I just have to add the straps and Im done, it just has to dry. I didn't spend too much time on it.
I made it with the Patons wool. I Love the way this wool felts. and Its not expensive. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 01, 2005

Colorful !!!

New yarn.......
Don't you just want to wind it and start knitting. Posted by Picasa

The Mom skirt....

Look mom !!! I knitted a lot more since the last post. Posted by Picasa

Look Mom !!!!!

So I didn't get really far on moms skirt this week because of work. But Im getting on it this weekend, starting today. I will have a lot of it done by the end of this weekend.
I got a package today in the mail From Great colors. It didn't take long for my order to get here. Im not sure what project to do with them, But It's definitely going to be a felting project,
So I wound them all up and in the midst's of winding I got my hands on the hank that was laying on the coffee table that my secret pal sent to me and wound that up too, Im getting it ready for Clepotis, I've been studying it for the past few days just to get a head start, it's seems a little tricky when you first read the pattern, but once you read it a few times it makes more sense.
Im getting my hair cut tomorrow. I can't wait, I need it so bad and Im taking out the purple soon. But not tomorrow there was no time for the girl that does my color, Im happy, I think im gonna make her cut it very choppy.
And on Monday we are going to marks friends house for the 4th, Pat's back yard party, I can't wait. I going to be very relaxed because I don't have to do anything.
But that's really it, not much to report.
I will post all the pictures later, Hello is down, I wish I can do it now but I can't.
Everyone have a great weekend.