Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Ok so I know it's been a while but this time I really have a good excuse. I have been spinning, Yes spinning. it is the best feeling in the world to just sit and spin. Some of my old friends made fun of me and said they cant believe it, But I dont care. But I didnt stop there.I started to dye my own. The reward is these pictures. So i figured I add some stuff to etsy and see wht happens and so far I got 2 sales. "exciting" I really love the dyeing process its so much fun when you see the end result of your creativity. its so rewarding andI get to share it with everyone else out there in the spinning world. MY etsy shop is come and visit and see the beautiful colors.
Knitting is great. I just finished Mr green jeans from knitty not to happy with the yarn I thought it draped too much. I use debbie bliss cashmerino. I started yesterday central park hoodie with jo sharp silk road aran. i love the color it's purple blue very deep shade of both can wait to finish this one it's going to be beautiful.
I will keep you posted.