Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Flying Fingers package....

And this was what was inside.... Gotta love Elise, she even wrote out a post card and put in the box and made it extra special. I miss going to that store during my lunch hour. I used to goto
http://www.flyingfingers.com/content/ every Tuesday. I miss you Elise!Posted by Picasa

It's here It's Here!!!!!

I got a package from flying fingers..
I love that store. I have to make a trip to see Elise.
the best part of her store that i love is the chairs in the middle of the room, and the amounts of yarn that her store has My god it's like a child in a candy store...
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Monday, November 28, 2005

I just thought I could share this with you guys.

I can't wait till it snows like this!!!
Although This was last year. I love this picture of my sweetie Pie. It's that time of year. Posted by Picasa

Just a quick post.

Just a little project im working on from the not just socks book. Of course stan has to poke his nose in and see whats going on. Im almost done with the first glove. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 27, 2005

The lighting on this picture is the best. I spent the day on friday putting this little thing up, I had so much fun watching Cristmas movies and eating leftovers from Thanksgiving. What a ball I had by myself. Posted by Picasa

The tree is on fire....

AHHHHHHH............ Call the Fire department. Just Kidding......
It really looks like it..... I had to show you this one.
I think it's the crazy effects on my new camera. Posted by Picasa

Stans 2005 Christmas PIcture are up !

I know I say this all the time...
Isn't he Cute... You just want to mush his little face... Posted by Picasa

No. Stan didn't get to see Santa this year.

Once again. he is such a ham. he is so comfortable he doesn't care what you are doing to him, he is a great subject Posted by Picasa

The Mystical Tree

This is a great pic. Yes I have been busy. I went to pier 1 Today with my friend jenn. I couldn't resist getting a few more Christmas ornaments and I came home made soup and rearranged the tree with the new stuff. Posted by Picasa

It's been a while!!!!

I feel so bad I haven't even wished anyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Im so sorry...
But all in all it was a great one, I got to see my family and we had a really good time, It was great to see my brother, He's doing so good and he looks great. Im so happy for him.
I did stuff my face with stuffing and I couldn't even eat dessert, I had a tad of pudding pie, but that was it for me.
I have been working my ass off, which is great I need to start saving so dough. But I hate the new place, It's just so boring and we don't even get lunch nor are we allowed to converse with each other are the Boss... It's crazy I have never worked in a place like that. It's just two days I know I can deal with it, Im not there to make best friends, We shall see.
So I was also on line x-mas shopping. I got a few things out of the way, and the best way to shop is on line you just have to find that sites that have free shipping. I also got an early Christmas present from FLYING FINGERS from Mark. Just what I always wanted the baby bobbi bear. Some cotton chenille and so manos variegated. I can not wait to get my hands on that box when it comes in the mail. I really should wrap it up for Christmas, But who would wait, Im sure not.
Although I can wait till Christmas is over, this way I can start a new year fresh. I know Christmas will come and go and I don't want to rush it away but I have plans for the year to come I need to get on with it. Well I gotta go I need to goto sleep for a long boring day tomorrow. I have a few pics to post also.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Woke up with Mark

I know it sounds funny. I woke early and I went to Kohls and got some long sleeve shirts for a couple of buck so I can wear under my scrubs for work. They were having there half off sale they had pretty good finds.
Any way I quit the oral surgeons office, I know only after a few days, there was no way I was gonna make it there. But I have another job lined up I start this Monday coming. It's right around the block from my original job. I can't wait I went to the office yesterday and they hired me on the spot. And the doctor is really sweet, Kinda nerdy but really nice. I know I haven't seen his dentist bad side yet Im sure he has one.
Went to AC Moore this morning also. I had to get some tea light candles. They have them there for so cheap 50 for $1.50, So I got 2 bags I should be good for the winter I love lighting candles around the house. I use them for the Yankee candle tarts they smell up the house so nicely. And Mistletoe is my favorite. I found a Mistletoe candle we had in the attic from last year and I was burning it till it was gone. So I ran out to the store to get some more. I love the smell of Christmas. Any that's all for now Ill let you now how my first day goes on Monday.
And I can't wait to have a nice turkey and Lots of stuffing, i remember when I was younger I used to eat so much stuffing and get so sick, We lived below my grandma and we had Thanks giving upstars And when I ate so mush of it I would get sick and have to go back down stairs and be sick to my stomach from eating to much stuffing. And my mom would always come down and say " you see you ate to much stuffing, See what happens. you do this to your self all the time"
Just to give you an idea of home much I used to eat. My fond memories of Thanks Giving.

after a long monday at work.

It's off to Apple Bee's for half price apps. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 14, 2005

The hat

I can't wait to finish... Posted by Picasa

Hollywood hat

Marks hat... I have to make another, It is so easy... Posted by Picasa

Holy crap !!!!

So here goes. I have never been so busy in my life. Maybe when I was 21 when I was going out every night after work. But not at this point in my life have I ever worked 6 days. I haven't even looked at my email and I had over 90 of them. Any way ive been working in an Oral surgeons office in Holbrook and it Ffffin Sucks. I hate it there. The Women Suck and everyone else in that office it seems like they all have PMS. Whatever..... I can't handle that. But the good news is that I got called to work in an Endodontist office and I have an appoinment tomorrow morning and I think it will be good. But Im happy I kept telling myself that things will fall into place.
But anyway I keep asking myelf why am I beating myself up over this but like I said that I kept telling myelf it will all fall into place.
I am so mad I keep missing Thursday nights. I have been so tired and I can't even hold myself up by 6 PM there was no way I could make it there. I will be there One day soon I hope.
Knitting front: I was knitting today at lunch time because I couldn't stand to be inside with all the Females on PMS on my lunch hour. Im making a hat for Mark out of lambs pride in army green and the pattern is from Hollywood suss cousin the second book. It's coming out great and Im almost done, It's a very fast knit. I can't wait to finish and give it to him, I almost want to make one for myself. And everyone on my Christmas list.
any way tata for now, Im tired and I need to rest my legs and butt, t hurts from standing all day and doing leaves this past weekend...

Monday, November 07, 2005

I wanna squeeze him to death

You have to see him laying there being so cute...
I had to take a picture of him Posted by Picasa

I love the fall around here!!!

The only bad thing is the amount of leaves that fall on the lawn. You literally have to rake everyday Posted by Picasa

One skein Wonder.

It's really pretty yarn, And as I was knitting it up yesterday I had it up against my jeans that I was wearing and it looked really good, And Im gonna make the sleeves a little longer if I can go that far with the amount I have left. Posted by Picasa

I finished my clap

I finished it.... And yes the walls in my house are blue...
It's a very Rock n Roll house. See the Van Halen pictures behind me. Posted by Picasa

The weeks are flying by.....

I can't believe it's November 7th already, You know it doesn't even feel like the holidays. Usually you really feel it after Halloween. Any way Ive been working almost every day this past week which is good I need the money. And I start the new job on Wednesdays this week. It's just the one day. I hope it goes well. You know how it is when your the new girl- every one shit on you till you prove them wrong. I hope they don't give me a hard time because that's really gonna make my day. Any way I started a one skein wonder and Im almost done. I just picked a nice left over yarn from a tank top I made long ago and I love the colors and I don't remember what yarn it was I didn't save the tag. And I also have Rouge on my list, it a pattern that you can pay and download it great. I did the same with the one skein wonder.
so this weekend Marks friends were over and and we lit a fire in the back yard it was fun it was so beautiful to have a get together. But I ended up going inside and falling asleep, they didn't leave until 1:30 am. And then yesterday i made a great pot of Sunday Sauce. I invited Buddy over for dinner and we watched Detroit Rock City. We were hysterical laughing. And then he left and mark fell asleep and I was up knitting.

And my mission today is to find a spinning wheel around here so I can pick it up instead of having it mailed. But i think Im gonna hold off for a little because they are a little costly, I might have to tell mark to order it for me for Christmas.
And that's all for now....... Have a great week....