Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A long day at work.

So here goes. The other assistant was out yesterday and he " my Boss" never called me to come in, which he knew I was home doing nothing I was so pissed because I need the hours, So I walk into a mess this morning, Instruments every where like Katrina hit the office, It was crazy. And also to find out that he wasn't going to be in the rest of this week, he's going away. So now I need to call the Temp agency tomorrow I hope I get something for the rest of the week We'll see what happens.
Any way I get this awful email from one of my old childhood friends, that I felt like I was being reprimanded like a child which really ticked me off, I guess she can't except the fact that we have grown apart and that I really don't talk to her much and she's upset that im not around to share and part take in her Daughter grow up, it's crazy, I don't really know how or what to say to it but I think im doing well with. So I wrote her a long email saying my feeling on how she has been acting to all of it. I tried to get advice on it. I don't think I need it, Im pretty well grounded, but just to really make sure that im not wrong.
Any way on the knitting front, I am working hard on the Clapotis My fingers hurt, I think I need straight size 7 needles I have to look for them in my needle case I know I have them. It's coming out really nice. One of my friends at work gave me this beautiful yarn to make her friends kid a hat, that will be easy. And that about it.

Oh and Friday is my one year annivsary, I can't believe how quick it went. WOW!!!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Fireworks after the show.

A nice touch after Alice Cooper went off. Posted by Picasa

Robbin and Rick

Robin and rick. Robbin is my favorite, But I do like them all. Posted by Picasa


Isn't he cute! Posted by Picasa

Patiently wating

Waiting for Butch to go on. Posted by Picasa

Stalking butch

I wasn't stalking him. I just so happened to be taking pictures of the city streets and he was walking my way so I just snapped away. he's on the right. Posted by Picasa


Ok, Here goes. Friday Mark took off from work, We went into the city to the village walked around winsow shopping, to kill time. Until Butch Walker went on . Yes that's right we went to see butch on Friday and it was awesome, the crowd was great and the place was packed. But it was so worth it. Saturday Mark and I went to the thrift store and I got a few books like Jodi Picoult and a pair of really great jeans that were like 5 bucks. That's the only things that I will buy to wear from a second hand store because the jeans are so nicely worked in. But now I have to sterilize them in boiling hot water. And after that we had a get together with friends in the back yard we built a fire in the pit and barbecued had some laughs and I retired early and came in and took a shower and fell asleep. Then on Sunday was Cheap Trick and Alice Cooper. That was amazing we had so much fun they sound just as good as they did back in the day. But I got right up front for Cheap Trick. And Robin Zander and Rick Waved hello. Im sure they remember us. So that was my weekend. And now for today not sure what to do but I have to get a package out. It's been sitting in my car and I keep forgetting to get it to the post office.
Have a great day and a good week.

Monday, August 22, 2005


4 NORO Kureyon
1 cute stuffed sheep
1 Clip on calculator
1 Rebecca November December Issue.
Thank you so much again . Posted by Picasa

Thank you SECRET PAL


My secret pal Saved the day!

Ok here goes. I got up this morning watched the entourage I missed last night, We were at my moms for Sunday dinner, she was so happy to see us, that was fun. But by the time we left it was just coming on and we missed it, So thank heaven for on demand. So I watched it before I got dressed and then I was out the door. I headed over to AC MOORE for a frame for Mark, they were on sale but they didn't have the size mat I needed, So I asked the guy behind the counter if he can make a custom mat and he did, I waited like 15 mins, which was bad because the longer I stay in AC MOORE the more I spend. So in the end the Frame came out great and I was off to the library, And this was where it all went bad. As I was going to the Library some Idiot decides to stop short for no reason at all and the frame goes flying and all I hear was crash, I was sick I didn't even want to look at it, And here I am all excited that I couldn't wait for mark to unwrap it when he gets home from work and see how great it looked.
I was sick. So back to AC MOORE I go. So I tried it again and this time it worked, But im still sick.
And this is where my secret pal saves the day. So when I got home to the mail, there was a surprise for me, I have to say I was like OMG, I couldn't believe what was in the bag. NORO, I fell in love with it I have pictures I do I do !!!
Also a clip calculator, Also a REBECCA pattern book, A cute little sheep, too much I can't ait to see who my secret pal is. Thank you Sooooooo Much. You know it's funny I was just looking through what NORO I had left in my stash. I have to redo my stash again and organize it.
Awesome. I love my secret Pal !!!
So the other day Stan was sick we didn't know what to do or what it was all of a sudden he was meowing and crying, I felt so bad we barely slept that night we were so worried, so we narrowed it down and ended up that he had a UTI so we gave him some antibiotics. And that kind of knocked it out a bit, He finally came out from underneath the chair and was a little back to him self. we are still giving him the antibiotics and he seems to be doing fine.
And that's about it. That was my weekend.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Stan Getting ready for Halloween.

I almost got the full yawn, Pre Yawn . Posted by Picasa

Venice Beach Photo.

Me, Mark, Donna. Posted by Picasa

Cable Scarf.

This was a car project and home at night. I had two projects in my back pack on the way to Arizona and I didn't touch not one on the plane. Posted by Picasa


This is as far as I got on it. I was so mad I only worked on it when It was late at night and I couldn't sleep, or early in the morning when my alergies were acting up and I couldn't sleep. Posted by Picasa

Red Rock Yarn Purchase.

The yarn I bought from the Sedona Knit shop.
Nothing I couldn't buy here. Posted by Picasa

Cave Creek Bead Shop.

Again, nothing I couldn't get in my neck of the woods.
But it was great to see the different set up that the stores do have. Posted by Picasa


I forgot to add the other tubes of seed beads that I bought also. Posted by Picasa

Misfit Sock

I felt bad for the other sock I started when we went down to North Carolina, I picked it up and started to finish and complete the pair. Posted by Picasa

Montezumas Castle

This was way weird, long aso the natives use to live in this castle they called it, but it was carved out by hand in the middle of a mountain and inside were floors that they used ladders to get in and out to each floor. And the vibe you get when your there is like everyone is very quite because they are so amazed at what they see. very cool. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cave Creek

I was just being funny. This was in the greatest town in Cave Creek, If I ever win the lottery This is where I will reside. Posted by Picasa


This was also a lot of fun, Mark and I just went crusing around to find something interesting and we came across this Ghost Town Called "Goldfields Ghost Town" It really looked like a ghost town, it was on the way to Tortilla Flats.
I know you really can't see us that good, there was no one around to take a picture for us. So funny Posted by Picasa


Sedona Was so Beautiful, As you get closer to Sedona the redder the mountains get. Unbelievable, But it's so snob ville, all the people that live there are very rich, and it wasn't always like that someone told us.
But the views that you see driving all around Arizona are incredible. Posted by Picasa


It's so funny, when you drive around all you see is Cactus, Huge ones that are well over 300 years old. It's a law if they catch you tampering with them, like if you try to cut them down you can get arrested. But look how tall that one is. Each arm they have is a hundred years old. We saw some that had like five arms. Posted by Picasa


From left to right. Mark, Me, Coco, Jimmy, Donna, and Jay, This was the at the famers market in LA. That was fun, but believe it or not it wa hotter in California than it was in Arizona. Posted by Picasa

What a great trip.

Im Back!!!!!!
We had so much fun. Arizona was so beautiful, and not as hot as I thought it would be. We covered so much ground, We did this trail called the Apache trails, it was so crazy, You travel around these massive mountain that seems never ending. Then later in the week we went to Sedona and of course I stopped at the local expensive knit shop and I bought Lornas Laces, and then moved on the store was called Red Rock knit shop. But what else, We went to this great town in Prescott, It was so nice there It felt like we were in the town of Huntington L.I. Then we went to Cave Creek in the mountains It was so pretty! I love it there, But unfortunately it's way expensive. I have so many pictures,
We also drove out to California LA, I wasn't impressed, We did the Hollywood stars walk, We did the Santamonica pier, and also went to Venice Beach to see all the crazies. It was so much fun. All inall we had so much fun and it was well worth the trip and I can't wait to go back in like Janurary when the weather is cooler. The plane wasn't so bad, I was nervous but I took a pill and it totally did the trick. But on the way home our flight was delayed for 3 hours. So we were stuck in the airport 10 pm to 2:30 we boarded. Got home for 10 am New York time.
I have to post some pic's.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Im leaving on a Jet Plane

Every one have a great week, I will be back on Monday. !!!!!!
With lot's of pictures.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Can it be any hotter. I am melting.

I can't believe how hot it is here, I don't think the aircondition is working properly, Ahhhhh!!!!! It's so hot!!! There was no way I was going to the beach today, It's so hot. I woke early to run errands before it got really hot, Because my car has run out of Freon and I have no AC. Went to buy shampoo, and a few little girly things, got a mani and a petti. Went to AC Moore, went to buy dinner for tonight. Then came home washed my car, it was covered in sap from the trees. And then looked through my books and made a few goodies for my friends. Like ankle bracelets and little things, Fixed up my bead collection I put them in order. And now im posting.
I just wanted my bead pal Gayle, I hope she reads this soon. I emailed her and it came back 2 times I don't think her email is working right. But I did send her a package today so she should be getting that soon. And for jennifer "piddleloop" she has to keep an eye out also. I hoe you like it.
I am having a problem with clapotis. Im very confused I am imagining that you just let go of the stiches at the end when your done to see the dropped stiches, Correct me if I am wrong. I need someone to show me, I hope someone can show me tomorrow at SnB. I should be out in time to make that. But all in all Im keeping busy and my mind off of flying. Especially when you turn on the news and you see a plane could imagine whats going through my mind, It didn't sit well with me, Now im starting to panic. I have to just keep thinking that I will be back home and it will be all over. Although when we are there it will be fun im looking forward to it.

Look what I got!!!!

Ok ! I know im crazy, But I had to take advantage of the AC Moore 50% off coupon, Im no fool. The knitting on the edge book is like 30 bucks with out the coupon. The knitting way is ok not the best of my collection, But it's fun to read and I need a book to take with me this weekend. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Gayles markers. I love the color wires. I have to look into that.
for my next round of markers. Posted by Picasa


Just a picture I found of stan.
Im gonna miss him when were away.
A post is not complete without a picture of your cat! Posted by Picasa

Counting the days!

I can't wait till Sunday. I worked yesterday and I was glad I got an extra day in for extra cash, I think im mentally ready for the plane ride I was really stressing. But Im excited and crazed all at once. I keep telling my self I will be fine.
Knitting: I received stich markers from Gayle they are really cool looking and different tecnique in making them. I have to post the picture when im done here. Thank you gayle. And about the socks, You really have to love knitting in the round and with small needles. I personally love to work on small needles and sock yarn. What ever questions you have just drop me an email. I will happy to help you.
Also my friend at work ordered from knitpicks and you know I just couldn't resist ordering something, So I got baby alpaca 6 of them in two different colors. Kind of oliveish and blueish. I want to make a shawl but now triangle, just as a throw, I have to start on the clapotis. I have to know if it's worked up sideways. Or diagonal.? But other than that, everyone loves the bolero. I love it too, I wore it at night when there was a little chill in the air. Im so taking it on the plane with me just to keep me cozy!
I have to get to AC Moore tomorrow I need 5 or 7 circular needle to take on the plane. this way if they take them away I wont feel so bad I don't think they will but just incase.
Alright gotta fly...... Work is calling.