Friday, April 29, 2005

This is the sock. I love the colors. They are very vibrant, I ahve to ripppppit!!!!! Frogging, I should say. But i really like it alot.
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It's Friday Wooooo Hoooo!

To start I had such a great time last night @ SnB. I was so happy the last patient did not show. So I was out of there quick before he decided to stick some one else in at 7 O clock. So I got to SnB at like 7:30 or so I don't even remember. But we did have a lot of laughs. So I started a baby blanket for my friends baby she had a boy and I bought a few bernat velour and started knitting it up IM alost done I knitted a few rows last night. Then after I headed to Borders with Talin from our group and I ended up buying a Bust mag that she turned me on to and I came home and made a cup of green tea and read the whole thing till mark came home from the crazy Donkey @ 3 AM. But the funny thing was at the end of the mag, there is a sexy end to it and I was like woooohoooo!!!! it was like a steamy porn article, it was great I have to copy it and send it to my lovely friend carol she would definitely appreciate it a whole lot. But I ended up not getting home till 11:30 PM. And I had a nice chat with Talin, she is very talented, I never knew, or I never took the time out to talk to her one on one, not that I was interviewing her or any thing. It amazes me that the are so many people that have such interesting lives and yet they look like the normal average person, you would never just goes to show you that the lies such interesting thigs in people that you would be so interested in. So I have off the next few days, I get these breaks every now and then, But I did take off tomorrow I was supposed to work, But oh well. Im getting my hair done I can't wait. And on Sunday is the sheep festival I can't wait, it's in Huntington. I am very excited. I have a great weekend to look forward to. And what else I did find an old sock I started it looks so funny it's very long and I have to rip it out and start over and the yarn it so cool. I took a pic I will post it after this.
So mark called me earlier to ask me to make sauce and meatballs he wanted pasta tonight and tomorrow because he's running the wantagh race on Sunday. The house smells so good right now like as if it was Sunday. Sundays growing up in my mothers house it smelled exactly like this.
And to end this post, I hope my secret pal reads this, I would check your mail box soon, I sent you a little package.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I just wanted to share the picture of Mark and I on sunday night when we saw LIT and Faster Pussy Cat. What an awesome night. We had so much fun!!!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Are the days going to get better for me any time soon

Ok, Here is the scoop Of my lovely day. while I was delirious last night on a shotof nyquil, I looked down at the coffee table and saw that I had to be at a court hearing this morning at 8:30 In queens, LOVELY!!!! Mind you that's an hour away from my house, and I had no choice but to go because it was too late to reschedule, what ever. I was crying I didn't think I was gonna get up this morning. So of coarse I didn't get a good night sleep because this was on my mind. So I went and it didn't go well. I had to pay 100 dollars and I got 3 point on my license, What Ever!!!! Then on top of it all there's green crap coming out of my nose during this whole court process, so as the judge is talking I keep sniffling and she looking at my like she wants to kill me because the court was being taped. What Ever!!! So that's probably why she wasn't easy on my. She looked miserable, she probably hasn't gotten laid in over a year!hehehehehe!. But on top of this all I feel like shit and i had to goto work at 12 noon and I got back home at 10:30 so I fell out on the couch and slept for an hour. And I woke up and I still felt it. So at 3:00 I told my boss that I was leaving and not coming back after lunch. And he said get some rest. And now im home telling you guys about my day.
So on the knitting front I want to thank my secret pal for the good advice. I did wash my hands every time I wiped her butt and cleaned her hands. But some where along the line I probably forgot too. I can't wait to see who my secret pal is. I do have to post a pic of the purple bag for her she wanted to see it. Which reminds me I have to get my secret pals gift going.
And To Dani VAN HALEN till we die, and then it will continue in heaven !!!!! Forever.
But I have been knittingtill my fingers are numb ! I was trying to finish the other red sock. And then I'll start to finish the tank I started. I have to post that too. But for now I have to eat my Taco Bell I bought for lunch and I have to get the shot of day quill down I hate that stuff. I hate the way I feel on that crap!!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

I feel like crap today!!!

Alright !!! Im sick and tired of being sick. This is bull shit!!!! It's that baby I watch, she is always sick. How and why do kids get sick all the time? Does anyone know. Thank god im not working today, I feel like a ton of bricks just fell on me. Like someone kicked my ass, and no it's not because I went out last night, I was feeling like this yeaterday morning, But I thought it was allergies. obvisoulsy not! My trought is on fire. Some body get me a doctor ("VAN HALEN").
Well any way Im so tired and my hands hurt from all of the knitting that I did do yesterday. And I am going to continue today.hehehehe !!! You can never have enough knitting and you have to take advantage of free time. But I am reading this book if any one is interested " my sisters keeper" It's very good so far. My mother in law told me about it a long time ago, she said that it would be the book you will always remember, so far it's good I can't tell you. But for now think Im going to cozy up on the couch and watch a good movie and knit with a hot cup of tea.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

My morning cup of coffee, In my favorite cup O pink panther. I love him, I think Im going to put some pink panther cartoons on. Make like it's a saturday morning.
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It's a Beautiful Morning.

Hey to all... Thank god it's not raining today. But who cares I have so much laundry to do, It's piling high. So I started on the beautiful cami in the interweaves mag, and I ran into a scuffle with the stupid pattern, I love it don't get me wrong I must have made a mistake some where in the pattern and now where I have to purl it's a knit, and I know I can fix it now that it's still early but there is no way im frogging and starting over, do you know what a pain in the Ass it it to CO 210 stiches and then making sure not to twist them when connecting, HOLY !!!!! But I think im just going to deal with it and move on with it. I really want o finish this one project, but it's not a project to take to SnB on Thursdays. No way I will totally mess it up. But what else , I know we should be cleaning up the yard today but im not doing it by myself, mark is still sleeping he has to work today @ 3. So I have so much time to knit. I know, I can knit at the laundry mat. That never happens when I plan to, for some reason I get hypnotised by the bubbles in the washing machine. "you know it's true". I do it all the time. But today I wont pay attention. So tonight when mark comes home we are going to see LIT at the viper bar. I think it starts at 9 or so, I can't wait. I know it's a Sunday but who cares they put on such a great show. Thank god I don't have to work tomorrow. That reminds me I have to call Lori, she said she wanted to go at Thursday's nights SnB. And That's all for today.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

My new project from Interweave knits. I bought some cotton today from the Local craft store. I started it as you can see, It's worked in the round. Not hard at all.
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Rain rain Go Away !!!

Ok, Here it is Saturday morning and It's raining out Im so pissed.. .All week it was amazing and on the Saturday that I don't have to work it rains!!! How much does that suck! Any way, I have to Take a moment to comment about that Little Vampire Slayer Im so proud of her that she looks on to my blog and Im certain she looks at others too, she's one step closer to becoming a little vampire knitter. Don't worry we will convert you soon!!!!!!
I hope she see this post. hehehehehe!
Well now that it's raining out I guess im just gonna have to goto AC MOORE. I have a coupon that My fellow knitter Talin gave to the group for 50% off. I can't wait to see what im gonna get with it. Probably a book. I have to take advantage of this coupon. My honey's friend came over this morning so that he can change the strings on his guitar for him, so we got up early and made coffee and mark ran out to get bagels and then I ran in the shower and now im on the computer writing this post and that was my morning. When I come back I show you what I got.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Here is the sock!!! The one and the only. untill I finish. I will quickly cast on for the next.
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Spring Has sprung!!!!!

Ok It is so beautiful out there today. I went to work to watch the kiddies. Which I am so tired of doing this now that the weather is so nice, But aside from the weather I really don't want to be involved in my bosses personal life period end of sentence. But It was a great weekend also.I did the MS walk with my friend jenn which I posted the other day, Mark came with us which I was so happy that he came we got home so early and we ended up cleaning the yard, which I didn't pick up a leaf, I was tired normally I would have helped but not this time maybe next weekend. But after he filled a few bags we went for a quick run, and I really have to say I was pooped, and I couldn't run a full mile with out stopping. That is so bad. I really have to condition my self, And My goal is to run a little race with mark this summer. I hope I can do it. But other than this weekend and running, I started another pair of socks with Moda Dea Yarn, It's kind of red and pink mixed in. I have a picture of it to post after this. Im really mad about the Gedifra sweater I started to pick up again and I am still stumped, I have to take it in to SnB on Thursday for a little help from the girls. But really there is no much to report, I have to figure out what to make for dinner for mark when he gets home from school. I know he's going to say buffalo wings, But he can go with his friends for that Im not going to join he I have to start watching what I eat I cant eat that crap late at night.
So until next post, SEE YA!

Friday, April 15, 2005

This is the great sock yarn that I got form Wild n wooly wools. I love that place. and the purple bag is behind it I have a better shot of it. I love it so much.
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Mom is in Long Island. woohoooo!!!!

Ok I am so mad about last night. My boss all he does is talk and talk and talk when it's about 10 min to 8:00 pm, I kept looking at the clock like it was gonna help me get out quicker. Long story short I didn't get out till 8:35 and it was too late to drive to SnB. I was very cranky and mad about this, But what are you gonna do!...... So when I got home I was so mad that I didn't even pick up my needles to do any knitting. But for today I had a great day, My mother came out from the Bronx and I went to lunch with her, I took her to Charlie browns. She had a burger and I had a buffalo chicken wrap. It was so good. But then after that I took her to Wild n Wooly Wools and of course I scored, my mother decided to pay for the Awesome bag I got and some sock yarn cotton very cool I didn't take advantage of my mom. I love you mom!!!! Thank you so much for my knitting supplies. And then after that I took my mom to meet my friend Jenn and her two boy's and her hubby, we had a few laughs and then Mark stopped by jenns house on the way home from work and before you know it, it was almost six and my mom had to get going. So she left and mark went home and I left shortly after that. But in all my day was great. So I can't wait till I cast on with this stuff. I will take a picture of the yarn later and post it, And my awesome over the shoulder purple bag.
I miss my mom!!! I wish she did live closer to me this way she can just fly over for dinner and all that good stuff. I wonder what it will be like when I have a child. I can't wait. I wish she would move out here, that will never happen. bla!
I have to work tomorrow I hate the Saturday thing but I get out at 1, so it's not hat bad. And I am going to SnB tomorrow night no matter what, I have to send Rebecca an email that I am going. I hope Dani makes it too. I also have to do some knitting tonight can't go to bed too late tonight or I will be shot for the rest of the day after work tomorrow. And I am doing the MS walk on Sunday I can't wait, I feel so great when I do things for a good cause.
Well I hope to see all my knitting friends tomorrow night. By for now

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Working and Posting

Ok !!!! Im posting at work, If my boss catches me im fired!!!!!
But all is well, My mother In law is back from North Carolina she came home on tuesday night, and she came home with a suprise for me and mark. she bought mark a cheap trick poster and me a drop spindle with roving, I was like no way I was so happy until I took it home and started with it and I was getting fustrated, I have to really take the time to sit and do it. I have to see it done.
So last night Dani My other knitting friend came over my house and she was so funny when she walked into the house she was like OH MY GOD, it was really funny she is a huge Eddie Van Halen fan and thats all thats covering the living room walls. But the reason she came over was for me to help her with her sock problem. and at first as I was reading the instruction on her sock pattern I was like oh no! this is gonna be hard but we made it through, it was like 9:00 when she asked hte time and I have to say it went quick. Well I have to go, and ill see everyone tonight at SnB.

Monday, April 11, 2005

And everyone has to read this book. it is the greatest and very true, it's like reading a comedy, and only knitters get the jokes. I love the fact that it's so small.
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and the other was born.
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This Is for my cuz!!! I just got the felt today in the mail!!! UPS was banging on my door and I just got out of the shower im in a towel and there is no way I was going to the door.
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Ok I know it's been five days since I posted, I have been so busy doing crap. My so low on funds, I can't even buy any thing that had to do with knitting. My car ended up being over 6 hundred dollars, That sucked and I have insurance to pay and bill are coming this week, This month sucks. But on a good note I bought with my last ten dollars to spare the book at my knits ends Im sure you saw it around all the blogs, It is te cutest book ever, and so very true every word in it is so funny and true. Mark and I went to the book store Because he had to study the nklex nursing questions for his final I think. And instead of buying them for like 35-40 dollars we just sit there and he study and I look at all the knitting books to my hearts content. It's fun and don't think we are the only ones doing the studying there are so many people from stony brook doing this too. So where was I, Mark and I went for a speed walk yesterday and I felt so good after, I want to start running again, I just hate to run by myself Im scared, there's crazies out there. so im going to start training for self defense its like a high energy Bla Bla Bla something something at my friend house, her husband has like a little gym in his garage and Im going today to start im gonna kick some ass I can't wait. The weather is unbelieveable. I wish it was like this all year round. There so much I want to do and I shouldn't be on this computer right now. I have to take a shower and get my butt out there. I should be expecting a package today I hope of some more roving. Just little bit of color roving just to felt with. Not to spine ronnie!!!!!
I will post later today and I have to take some pictures and post. I finished my other sock I cant believe it, and I have to cast on for some more, I love doing them they are so much fun. See you later.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ahhh!!!!! It's so pretty. I almost dont want to open it. It does give me good ideas for my secret pal.
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Felting needles with a foam pad so I dont prick my fingers when im punching through my next felted project, colorful Yarn bras a great tape measure with a sheep on it and you pull the tail. colorful roving, a Snip n ruler. and some cascade yarn in blue. very awesome. im so excited.
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If she is not a mind reader she should take up the profession. I was going to buy roving last night on line. my pal is amazing.
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And this pic is for dani also, I don't nee dto explain. Alright I will. MICHAEL ANTHONY.
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I love this bag so much. This pic is for dani. Im not sure if she saw this one. I think she did the night I was showing her the seed stich, im not sure.
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My secret pal

Ok My secret pal is making me anxious, Im very excited about the mail everyday when I get home from work. I love suprises. When I get home I love going to the mail box, Mark always feels bad when I call him from work and ask him if I got any thing in themail, he hates to say no. But any way I brought my car in to the shop, I really hope it passes inspection, I know I said this in my last post but I don't feel good about this time at shop. I hope they finish my car early I really want to go to the LYS. But I have to see how much this is going to cost me today. I know yesterday was a short post, mark was standing over me watching me write buy more yarn and I was kringing I didn't want him to see that. He would kill me. Hey your only a knitter once in your lifetime so buy all the yarn you can. My dad always said you only live once so make a good one. I love my dad.
Any way I really should go out for a run it's gonna be like 60 degrees today. My boss was a little upset that I wasn't coming today to watch the kids, You know what it's your kids you watch them.... I have things to do today. And it's too nice out to be running around after a 18 month old. Im wiped out after im done there I come home and Im so tired. Im pooped. I don't mean to complain but I dislike people that just have children for the status part, it sucks and that's my opinion on this. If the kids are driving you crazy then you shouldn't of had three.
Alright for now Im on a mission today for sock yarn. Ill post later If I find any.
see you later.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Sock.....
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So much to do tomorrow so little yarn time!

Ok !!!!! I finally figured out how to finish the sock. I know the colors are YUCK!!!! But now that I know how to finish them Watch the colors that fly from my hands, I cant wait. I love working in the round. I might goto the LYS and splurge a little tomorrow. We'll see. I will post it tomorrow to let you see what I got. But I also am not watching the kiddies this week I have to take my car in and get an oil change and inspection sticker, and lord know that my car will fail inspection, Bla! What ever. Then I plan on running to my inlaws house because im taking care of the cats and then who knows. I have to find a way to the LYS ahhhh !! Im in a dilemma. How do I get to the yarn shop. Maybe ill save it for Thursday morning. We shall see. Alright I have to work on the sock ! And start the new one. Will catch up on wed!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Ok one more time for the colorful yarn. I am expecting more soon, I can't wait. I promised that I wouldn't spend any more money on yarn.... Yeah Right. hehehehe!
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Im socking it.

Ok ! Everyone is gonna laugh at me. When mark came home last night, I was just finished with the stich markers and I was just sitting there and I just can't sit there and do nothing we are all like that. So I looked down and saw the sock on the needles that has been sitting there for months with the instructions calling me. So I picked it up. And I looked and I looked and I looked at it again. And I read the instructions, and Then it was like magic it just came to me. DUH! I felt like an idiot. I said to myself what the hell have I've been waiting for all these years of knitting and attempting to make socks, you have to see all the socks knitted up until the gussets and just left there. I wanted to smack myself once you get past the gussets you are home free. WOW! Im so happy, you know sometimes you have to put things down when you don't get it and then come back to it and the skies sometimes open and it's great, But just don't wait till months down the line like I did. So im going to Joann's today with my friend for some fabric and stuffing for the bear that im not finished with yet. And then I don't know what after that I might just go to my friends house for dinner. No work tomorrow. yeepeeee!!!!! I had a long week I worked yesterday. I hate working on Saturdays it screws up my whole week.

close up shot. very cool !!!! I can make them forever it doesn't take much to do.
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I know I know! Another bag. But this one is for a friend that is getting married and she wanted one to put her lotion and book in when she goes on the beach, it came out so nice i almost don't want to give it to her.
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Saturday, April 02, 2005


Hey everyone. I feel like I haven' t written in a while. Im so happy it's officially spring. I can' t wait till the nice weather comes in. But I feel like I have no time to do anything. I worked today till 1:30 Yuck! But it is so crappy out so I didn't mind too much , but when the nice weather rolls in im goinna be hating it. So today I went to AC. MOORE, after work, I can't get enough of that store. And I had the 50% off coupon that was in the Wednesday's paper, so I bought another knitting book for 10 dollars. I love it when I get great deals, You can't go wrong, and I also got more beads, so I couldn't wait to get home to make more stich markers. But I had to stop over my friends house to show her how to work her sewing machine. And then we sat over some coffee and talked about everyday crap and Bla Bla Bla! You know how it is. Then I went to the store and bought salsa ingredient to make salsa for my honey, because he loves salsa. I call him my salsa junkie, and of course I forgot the chips. Before I met him I wasn't as into the Mexican thing as much as I am now. now Im just as bad, when every we go out to eat Mexican we always end up taking the hot sauce. We are so bad I know it!. So in the end I didn't get home till 6:00 I felt so bad because this is really the only day that we have together, but ended up when I finished making the salsa marks friend called and he ended up going overthere. Whatever and now im home alone with the cat! But I did make more stich markers and they are so neat! I don't know what else to do with myself. I don't want to start another project. I did pick up the bear book and I started a bear. So I have that going on now, and im a little stuck on the sweater, Im not sure if it is a mistake in the book, I just don't get it. And before I go any further and it turns out wrong I just put it down. BUT I DO NEED HELP WITH MY BLOG CAN SOME ONE TELL ME THE EASY WAY TO PLACE BUTTONS AND LINKS ON MY BLOG I HAVE BEEN TRYING AND NOTHING. HELP!!!!! SOMEONE!!!!!