Friday, May 27, 2005

I have no luck, What so ever!!!!

SnB was great last night, we all had a lot of laughs. I get home last night open my mail and this letter of suspension of my license due to lapse of insurance. So now im fuming because I know that I had insurance and there was no lapse, I just switch insurance companies. What ever. So i get to the motor vechicles this morning and I have to pay a fine of 200 dollars, I was like wait a minute, there is no way that I am paying for someone else's mistake. That's bull shit. So I called my insurance company screaming at them because it is such an inconvenience for me, I faxed over the paper that I got in the mail to her and now im just waiting, Mind you all that I have to reregister my car because it is up the end of this month. I hate to wait. You have no idea.
Im so Pissed right now, but I know that all I can do is wait, Ill be alright, I also have bad cramps, need I say more.
So I think im going to knit something to calm me down, And take a pamprin. Ill feel better in a little while.
So it looks like this weekend is going to be a nice one, So on with the party we go, on Monday.
I have to go shopping with Mark for some stuff. Like food and Beer. All the party essentials. Every one is invited. I will do my best to get everyone here. Tomorrow is the flee market I will be going with Joye , Lori and Talin. Then we can come back to my house , or do what ever they want to after. And that's all for today. Ill let you know what happens tomorrow.
And everyone that is going on the yarn bus tomorrow, have fun. Don't buy too much. You are all going to love it there and your not gonna want to leave.

Monday, May 23, 2005

And here are the socks!!
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The Inter Weaves tank top. Im up to thetop portion where I have to make the breast part. The directions are confusing.
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My flowers I planted yesterday. I know I could of taken a better picture.
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Spring Cleaning! "No not yarn spring cleaning"

Mark and I were cleaning the house on Saturday, we are trying to make the house presentable for Mondays party. But I took down all the blind and sprayed them down outside and scrubbed the crap out of them, they were so dusty. YUCK! Maybe that's why my allergies were so bad, But I was sneezing this morning, so I guess not. So while mark was cleaning the inside windows I was outside, It was so beautiful, I didn't want to come in. But I paid for it the next day, My arms were killing me. That just goes to show you how much in shape im in shape. Ha! So what else, On Sunday we woke up early and went to the Tic Toc Cafe in saint James. It was so cute inside, but you have to order your own food and the girls bring it out to you. kind of like Panera. We stayed there for a little while I looked through the paper and I saw that sports authority was having a sneaker sale so I asked mark if he would buy me Sneak's, So we went after breakfast and I got purple and gray Sneak's They are way cool. Then we went to borders. And then we food shopping and then came home. We were supposed to see Star Wars but that didn't happen. But that's ok. Then I got the itch to plant some flowers in the pots that I had from last year,I ran to the nursery bought a flat and planted, Mind you I drank a red bull before I got that urge or else i would have been resting and knitting. So on the knitting front. Im almost done with the socks for Mark that I will post the picture. And the inter Weaves tank top im so stuck I think im doing it wrong but im not sure I have to ask one of my fellow knitters on Thursday. I really want to continue and finish. But I think we accomplished a lot this weekend I can't wait till Monday " memorial Day" Everyone is invited, I will tell everyone on Thursday night. But I know Lori, Talin, and me. And Im not sure who else, are doing the craft fair on Saturday, and then afterwards we can come back to my house for a BBQ, I will ask them on Thursday what they want to do. Well it's 12 Noon And I have to jump in the shower Im not going to let this computer take up all my time in the day.
Have a Great Day Everyone.

Friday, May 20, 2005

It's Friday !!! WooooHoooo!!!!!

Alrighty, Today is Friday !!!!! I could not get up for crap this morning. Benny, Lori and I went to the brick house brewery after stich and bitch last night Mark and his friends met us there, they had karokee, all the singers were horrible. wedidn't get home late, I think I was just really tired from yesterday. But I made it through. It was a quick day at work, I got home at 2:00.PM.
So today is Marks pinning ceremony I have to be there at 6:15 tonight, and then my InLaws want to go to dinner afterwards, Not sure where yet. Tomorrow Mark is running the shelter Island run, so we have to catch the ferry at like 1 or 2. Only if it's not raining.I hope it's nice tomorrow. I cant wait to just sit on the grass and knit all alone, until mark comes close to the finish line then I will be there with my pom poms in the air....
So I have to send out mysecret pal box I keep forgetting to bring it in my car so I can stop off at the post office. I sent the secret pal that has me some stich markers I thought she really needed to have them, and she emailed me back and said she loved them. Your welcome secret Pal.
I feel bad im not sure what to hint at you. I really don't know what I need. But you did so great the last time , your awesome I don't think you need my help!
Any way every one have a great weekend..

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Not A Nice day for me!!!!!!

Hey !!!! I have been in such a bad mood today, Since I got out of bed this morning. Don't ask me why, I have no idea, All day at work I wanted to kick my boss in the ass. But I got through it. So when I got home I felt a little better. Today was marks last day of his first year in nursing school. Im so happy for him, That's one year down. WoooHoooo!
But I got some progress on the interweave tank top. I have to take a picture of it and post tomorrow, I'm really liking this one it's coming out so nice. I will bring it with me on Thursday night.
So tonight Mark and I watched the new Amityville Horror Movie that came out recently. All Ihave to say is OMG!!!!!!! It was so scary, I had the goose bumps. It has been a while since we watched a movie together, with school an all. But I have the rest of our lives together to watch all the movies to our hearts content. I know this, And Im not complaining. I just wish we had more time together. But it's ok,the summer is almost here.
Well Im tired I have off tomorrow so if anyone is free call me or email me.

Monday, May 16, 2005

This is Butch Walker. Need I say more, Just look at my smile. Love Him
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The Most amazing performer in the world!!!

All I have to say is Oh My God!!!!!!!
Butch Walker Was Amazing. It was like a religious experience. Of coarse I video taped the whole show, and when mark comes home today he is going to transfer it to DVD. I was the only one taping the show I was so surprised, But at the end of the night like 3 people came up to me and said I saw you taping the show can I have a copy of it. I was like oh sure. But any way. All in all if I can follow him every where just to see him play every night I would, He's that good. Let me explain. Butch Walker when he sings, you feel it every word he says, almost like he's singing straight to you alone some where like on the grass in a park. It's so much more than that, But not to sound in love with him, He is great, But I have my own Rock Star!!!!!! And that's Mark......
So today I have to goto lunch with my friends from work, They just called me they need help with some kitting project and im there to help them.
The other day my friend Danielle called me, she needed help with her bag she was making, So she came right over from stonybrook, so when mark came home we were sitting in the back yard with the fire going, and mark just laughed and said that I was the knitting GURU!!!!, So I was like great now he's making fun of me. And the best part of this was the other night I had a dream that Mark didn't want to be with me anymore because im always knitting. I woke up in tears but there more to it, I just can't type the whole dream ill tell you guys when I see you.... Until tomorrow.

Friday, May 13, 2005

I believe this is called three times a lady

Taken from

Three names you go by:
1. Cee
2. Reese
3. Charisse

Three screen name that you have had:
1. Bxcutie (Given By my brother)
2. Ceereese
3. Ceereese76

Three things you like about your self
1. I love to meet new people
2. I am never boured.
3. I'm a very caring person

Three things you don't like about your self
1. I hate that I sleep late, when I shouldn't
2. I wish I did't have sweat glads in my arm pits. I ruin all my shirts
3. I can't save money to save my life.

Three parts of your heritage
1. Spanish
2. Italian
3. Dont have a third.

Three things that scare you
1. Freddie Cruger
2. Being home alone
3. Walking to my door way at night by myself.

Three of your everyday essentials
1. Dunkin Dougnuts Coffee
2. Taco bell
3. Petting my cat every morning & night

Three things you are wearing right now
1. Pink Panther sweat shirt
2. Mr. bubble PJ bottoms
3. Knitted socks that I made, Because it is so cold tonight

Three of your favorite bands or musical artists (@ the moment)
1. Butch walker
2. Always VAN HALEN
3. Faith no More.

Three of your favorie songs.
1. So at last " Butch Walker"
2. 5150 " Van Halen"
3. Freak of the week " Marvelous 3 "

Three new things you want to try in the next 12 months
1. Try to finish my Gedifra Sweater that I started 12 months ago.
2. try to organize my clothes that are every where in the attic

Three thing I want in a relationship
1. Trust " Got it"
2. Love " got that too"
3. Honesty " got it" That's why I married him"

Two truths and a lie
1. I love my husband
2. I love my MOM & DAD
3. Im a millionair. Yeah right.

Three physical things that attract you to the oppisite sex
1. Never was attracted before to it But definately Blonde hair
2. Height
3. And the sound of there voices.

Three things you can't do without
1. Knitting
2. SnB every thursday.
3. Talking to my mom once a day.

Three of your favorite hobbies.
1. Knitting
2. Beading.
3. Reading

Three Places you want to go on vacation
1. Cabo San Lucas
2. California and drive up the PCH.
3. Japan " Don't ask why "

Three things you just can't do
1. Run three miles. I stop after a 1/4 of a mile.
2. I can never leave the house with out kissing my husband good by
3. I absolutly watch a two year old that isn't mine.

Three Kids names
1. Zander
2. Vance.
3. Max.

Three Things you want to do before you die.
1. Sail around with my own Captian of my own Yatch
2. win the lottery " that goes right along with #1
3. Drive 120 miles an hour on a highway and not get pulled over....... " keep dreaming"

Three Celeb crushes
1. Mark
2. Mark
3. Mark

I did leave out a few But I kind of made it my own. I hope Dani and Rebecca try's it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Heres a closer look at the markers, they are so beautiful ....... I should take a better picture of them.
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Here Is the The the Awesome package that my secret stich pal sent to me. when I opend the package I was so suprised to see all the other stuff she sent to me I felt bad, because she sent me all this other stuff, next time I know better. thank you Jennifer.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What a crazy Day !!!

OMG! Every one has been so supportive., it's so nice to know that you have people that care. it means a lot. Well dad is feeling better and he's still in the hospital, they took various tests and an MRI with IV contrast, and saw a little something on the brain, but the doctor assured him that it' just might be something due to the high blood pressure, So tomorrow they might release him. But for now his pressure is still up and he has all these appointments when he gets out to take care of his pressure and every thing else. But all in all my mom is hanging in there. She is very positive, how I don't know. It's really funny the other day I got a card from her and it said just thinking of you and I hope you have a great day, and there was $20 bucks in it and it said to go buy some yarn. She's the best I love her so much and I just hope that after all of this, things get a little easier for her where she doesn't have to worry as much and ce at ease. Im so tired of the worrying I hope she can live the rest of her life without worrying and just be happy.
But on a fun note , and don't ask me how I can even think of this at a time like this, But this is my only sanity. I amde another bag that's cone and just waiting to be felted. And The girl at the hair salon called me today and wanted me to come in tomorrow to get the purple redone, im so glad you should of seen it it washed out within a week, I can't walk around like this any longer. I should take a picture of it before I get it done so all of you can see how bad it looked. So tomorrow I will be there at 9:30 AM to get fixed, and then off to catch up on some around the house chores. I really hope my dad gets out tomorrow he needs to be home where he's comfortable. Im so tired I have to get to bed soon. But before I go I have to say that im so glad that the secret pal that has me received the stick markers that I sent to her and she sent me a great email thanking me, I love sending things to friends that I know will enjoy every second of them. And also I received stich markers from my secret stich marker pal Jennifer. She's way cool I have to keep in touch with her. And also I have to get my secret pal's package out very soon, I think I have enough to send so far for this month.And I also have to post a picture of the stich markersI revieved from Jennifer.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Crazy Mothers day.

Well I had a very crazy mothers day with mom. I mean crazy, I'll Tell you all about it.
Mark and I got to my mom's about 1:30 or so, she was excited to see us, we ate an early dinner, My friend Jackie came over with the baby, She's so beautiful, and getting so big. So my dad came out of his room and got a bit to eat and then went back into his room to lay down, So I looked at my mom and asked what was wrong with him and is he ok, So she said not sure but he didn't look good when he came home yesterday. And that was it. So about an hour or so later I heard my dad calling for my mom, and when we got up to see, he was holding on to the wall to walk down the hall way and he said he was dizzy and nauseous and told my mom to call the ambulance. Now for those of you that know my dad he hates hospitals and is deathly afraid of throwing up, that's a no no. So we knew there was something definitely wrong with him. So the ambulance came and took his blood pressure and it was 200/1112 no all of you know that that is way off the charts. So they took him away and before they got him to the ambulance he threw up in the street. And by the time they got him to the hospital his pressure went up to 236/113 he could of has a stroke or a heart attack, And mind you hes not that old. (53yrs) So they ran tests on him and the results they came up with was that he has vertigo. Probably due to him high blood pressure. It is the scariest thing to see your dad in the hospital, not a good site for me, Then I started to think about when he really gets old and can walk. I hate to think that way but I know it's gonna happen some day. But my poor mom, in the past 5 years she has been in and out of the hospital with my brother like every other month, and now it's my dad. It's crazy. I have to go and see him on Wednesday. I have to work tomorrow till late and then I will head into the Bronx.
So all and all I couldn't sleep late night. I slept on the couch. And I was supposed to do laundry but that's out and Im exhausted.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

This is my mom when I was in her belly I think she was about 8 months. I was brewing, almost ready to say hello to the world, that was almost 29 years ago. Oh My God that seems so long ago. I dont have a better shot of this picture but this will do ....
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A tribute to My MOM!!!!!

My Mother, Thee one and thee only. I love her with all my heart. And for some reason every year when im in the card store I cry my eyes out picking a card for her.
But I have to say I don't know what I would be like if I didn't have her as a mom . The caring sense she has and the warm hearted person, she's so emotional. I guess that's where I get it from. I love her to pieces. And 29 years ago I was in her belly just like in the picture above. She is the best mother a daughter can have. She has been to the moon and back, I only wish to have her strength when I have children and deal with all we have put her through, my brother and I, And My dad. But in the end she's the best And I love her.
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM !!!!!! I love You !!!!!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Ive had it with my hair

I am flipping mad!!!!! My hair.... That's my problem today. I washed it twice this week after I had it done on last Saturday, And now it's faded. It kind of looks yellowie at the ends. Im so pissed. So at lunch today I went to the salon and I showed her and she was going to sit me down and do it for me right then and there, and went in the back and came out and said that they don't have the color and they just ordered it this week and as soon as it comes in she will call me and throw the color in it. So I asked her if this is what it was gonna look like all the timeand she assured me that it wasn't, and that it gets better and better every time you do it.. So I was happy after that. But there was no way I was just gonna let this one go. So Yesterday was a lot of fun at the SnB, My friend Dani wasn't there she was sick. And I got a little knitting done, and Lori brought in her stash and sold it for a little change, and It all went, Dani you missed out. And after SnB I went to marks friend's house (Rob and Allison) We had a little cinco de myo party, I know I did't spell that right. Feel free to correct. So we got home at 12 midnight or so and I pooped out. And this weekend is going to a perfect weekend to knit, it's going to rain all day tomorrow and Sunday I hope not I have to ride into the Bronx and see MOM!!! I can't wait. I have to get a really pretty plant. And that will be my weekend, and if anyone is free on Monday call me im off. Talk to you then...

Monday, May 02, 2005

This was the crew we had on saturday. left to right. Mary, Rebecca, Jenn, Dani, Me, Janet. With our little sheep!!!!
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All I have to say is PURPLE!!!!!

The Hair is purple!!!!! I went to the salon on Saturday morning. It's awesome, But it's only in the back of my hair so it's not shocking when you first look at me. So any way this weekend was great. Some of the stiching girls and myself went to Huntington for the sheep to shawl festival, it was fun but very cold and I was so cold, until the sun came out at about 2:00 to thaw me out, when by then we were ready to leave. But we all bought stuffed sheep and we took a picture it's pretty funny, you have to see it, I have to post it when Im done here. I got my stich marker pal today So I went to the store to get some more beads to make markers, Like I needed to so that, Im absolutely Crazy because I have like 100 of the already made. Im nuts I know. You don't need to tell me, I just really like making them. So back to the work force tomorrow. I have to start saving my pennies. Stop spending I have to keep telling myself that. Speaking of spending, I received my order today from knit picks. hehehehehe! Don't tell mark. But most of it was sock yarn. It was really what I expected, nothing too suprising, what you see on knit picks is what you get. It came in a bag, and I have to start up new sockswith the stuff, but only when im done with the new ones I already started with the yarn that I found in the attic , I have to start on the second one. That will be quick and done in no time. I should bite my tongue because im not gonna have time this week I know the schedule is crazy I got the report from the girl that works there on mondays.But any way , I don't know what else to report. Not much news here.