Thursday, February 24, 2005

Knitting is my passion

Hello all knitters
Name: Charisse
Occupation: for all of you that know me and My Thursday outift.
Im a Dental Assistant.
Married and love it.
I love my parents. I think my mom is the most amazing mom in the world. she's a very strong person, she has been through a whole lot in her life. And she is still kicking, She is my Idol. I know my parents are very proud of me and they love my unconditionally. And I love them both Unconditonally. I have a brother, We were really close at once but we are six years apart and we split apart when I was about 17. I do love him too. I just wish I can change a few things.
I have a lot of great people in my life and I can't imagine my life any other way.
I met my husband and I love him to pieces. He really is the one who changed my life I often wonder where i would be today. and if i would be happy if i did'nt meet him. There is so much more to say about my life , but it would take to long to go on
But enough about the sappy stuff, and I have to tell you how I started. My future mother inlaw at the time taught me and I loved it so much I took off with it. And I have been knitting for three and a half years. I remember She had projects all over the house and I would sit up stairs By the computer and I always looked at the scarf that she was working on, on the computer chair. Then one day I asked her if she can teach me. It did take me a while till I stopped with the scarfs and moved on to the good stuff. I made a ton of scarfs and then knitted my first sweater, It was a kit my mom inlaw gave to me for christmas one year It was so funny I have to take a picture of it to show you guys, and all my projects over the years. And then I knitted a lot of hats and then I made in all colors the sitch and bitch loopy cowl neck, I had so much fun with them i love to knit in the round. and then ponchos in the round. And now I was really turned on to making and felting bags by this woman in the LYS , she is so cool and very sweet. So that is my next project.I can not wait. I am going to using lambs pride in fushia light pink Lime green, you can see it in pictures I posted. I am very excited......
I have to update my blog in the next week and I will take pictures of every thing so you can see. And I have to learn how to use this blog better.

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me myself and i said...

Hey there Charisse! I love your template! Great choice! You need to download the Hello program to post pictures. You need to go to the place where you would type in your post and look for a little picture in the toolbar. Then a pop up window will tell you how to get hello. Also go to to get more instuctions on how to add links and stuff! Good luck! I cant wait to see your pictures!