Saturday, February 26, 2005

West Hampton Beach.

Ok here is the story of right before I met Mark. My friend Carol and her cousin took me to West Hampton beach in like January three years ago. It was really beautiful And cold but it was worth it. So Carol says that when she goes there she feels cleansed and all the spiritual stuff. So when I was there with her and momo. That's what we her call cousin. Right before we left I looked up and said something like as if someone was there and made a wish to find someone really nice and get to the next step in my life. And that was it in the next two weeks I met mark and that was it he was my wish. So about a month later Mark, Carol, momo, and I went back to the beach all together and it was so funny we had a great time. It was still cold mind you .... But all the rest is history. So we try to go every so often just to bring back the memories. So about three years ago last week it all started.

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