Thursday, March 24, 2005

Finally A night of knitting!

Hi all. Ok I have great news. I Got A package in the mail today. It was waiting for me when I got home from after stich N bitch, Mark Left me a note saying y sweetie is smiling right now be home in a bit love you. He got home before me so he got the mail. Any way it was great I have pictures to post after I write this. But im so happy I made it to Stich N bitch tonight I was really missing it. I was so happy I made it there, I had goodie for a few people. And another person came with her sister, I met her in AC. MOORE one day and I told her about the Thursday nights at the panera she is a new knitter and really nice. And her sister too. But thank god I parked next to them because she had left her lights on and her battery went dead. So I tried to give her a jump but it didn't work, So I drove them home. I never mind doing things like that, I truly believe that when you do good, good things come back to you. But that's not why I did what I did, Im just a good person. But things are great. I been working on the sweater im almost done and I promised myself that I wont start anything else till im done. But with the yarn I just got I have to start something soon. You will see why when I put the picture up. I have to order more yarn from them. And what else Easter is coming, my job is to make cream puffs. And then im going to my friends house after marks cousins house. Mark has to work Sunday night. Which is fine. And I have a three day weekend. I cant wait. im going to knit all day, yeah right I always say that. And that's it. I can't wait till tomorrow is over, so I can relax the rest of the weekend.
I will keep ya updated with the new yarn and what im going to do with it. Until later!!!!

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Dani said...

you ARE a good person =) LOVE the yarn and can't wait to see what you do with it!