Friday, March 11, 2005

I am Sick...

Hey ! I am Sick, I was suposed to go to the bosses house to watch the kiddies. But I woke up this morning and I was like what the hell. I knew that I was gonna get it. the baby that I watch was sick all week and between wiping her butt and wiping her nose that had green boogies out of it, I knew I was gonna catch it. Im so mad, I can't imagine when I have children what the hell is gonna happen to me. Ugghgggggg! I hate being sick Its a little cold but I took meds for it now im gonna fall on my face. But last night I spoke to my mother and I need to catch up with her I haven't seen her in like over a month. I was telling her all about my knitting projects and the blog and I told her to look at my blog and when she got to the part of all about me, the first entry I placed on the blog she started to cry, and of course I was Balling, we are very emotional people in my family. I can cry on the dime. But she misses me very much, as I miss them to. It was a good talk I do miss being home with them. It's very weird when you get married, you feel like your not where your suposed to be for all the years that I was home and now its im not there any more, and I know that it contridicts what i said about not liking where I use to live but it's not the familyI dont like it's the neighborhood I hate Nothing but Shit heads there. So I get a call thing morning from my dad and of course when my phone rings that early I freak because I think right away that something is wrong, but every once and a while my dad calls me with a morning joke. and I love them and it starts my day great. I love when he calls me with the jokes. Ill tell it, But I hope I dont get in trouble for this one but here it goes "
What kind of dressing is not good for your ass?
Neverland Ranch
You would laugh too if you just got up and that was the first thing that you hear.
But any way I had a good cry last night and I had a great laugh with my dad this morning.
and I feel great concidering that I have a cold.
Love to all today.

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