Friday, March 11, 2005

My awesome stich markers. I made them. At first I bought a couple of them from the LYS and I took them home and examined them and said I can't believe I bought these things, I can freakin make these things. So I went to AC Moore, I bought beads and pins and jump rings, and I made like 200 of them and I sold some to the knitters and I gave some to jenn as a birthday gift.It's so worth it. I sold them for like 50 cents a piece which I know I can sell them for much more, but I hate taking money from friends. Thats why im not a good sales person, people will walk all over me. I have plenty more if any one is interested let me know.
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Anonymous said...

I love mine! They are beautiful!

Dani said...

PLEASE bring a bunch with you Thursday? I ABSOLUTELY want some for me, and some for my SP ;-)

Hope you're feeling better too! I got hit with it this weekend as well, can;t seem to stay healthy for more than a few days at a time this winter - BLEH!