Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Are the days going to get better for me any time soon

Ok, Here is the scoop Of my lovely day. while I was delirious last night on a shotof nyquil, I looked down at the coffee table and saw that I had to be at a court hearing this morning at 8:30 In queens, LOVELY!!!! Mind you that's an hour away from my house, and I had no choice but to go because it was too late to reschedule, what ever. I was crying I didn't think I was gonna get up this morning. So of coarse I didn't get a good night sleep because this was on my mind. So I went and it didn't go well. I had to pay 100 dollars and I got 3 point on my license, What Ever!!!! Then on top of it all there's green crap coming out of my nose during this whole court process, so as the judge is talking I keep sniffling and she looking at my like she wants to kill me because the court was being taped. What Ever!!! So that's probably why she wasn't easy on my. She looked miserable, she probably hasn't gotten laid in over a year!hehehehehe!. But on top of this all I feel like shit and i had to goto work at 12 noon and I got back home at 10:30 so I fell out on the couch and slept for an hour. And I woke up and I still felt it. So at 3:00 I told my boss that I was leaving and not coming back after lunch. And he said get some rest. And now im home telling you guys about my day.
So on the knitting front I want to thank my secret pal for the good advice. I did wash my hands every time I wiped her butt and cleaned her hands. But some where along the line I probably forgot too. I can't wait to see who my secret pal is. I do have to post a pic of the purple bag for her she wanted to see it. Which reminds me I have to get my secret pals gift going.
And To Dani VAN HALEN till we die, and then it will continue in heaven !!!!! Forever.
But I have been knittingtill my fingers are numb ! I was trying to finish the other red sock. And then I'll start to finish the tank I started. I have to post that too. But for now I have to eat my Taco Bell I bought for lunch and I have to get the shot of day quill down I hate that stuff. I hate the way I feel on that crap!!!!!


Anonymous said...

half of what makes a cold so miserable is the lack of air. The second best thing for a bad cold is sushi w/**lots** of wasabi. The oxygen rush is amazing and for about 60 seconds you'll be able to taste your food.

3 points! goodness what did you do? There's a class you can take on line that might get you a discount on auto insurance - depends on your insurer. I'll get the link and e-mail it.

--KR Secret Squirrel

Dani said...

Want to cringe with jealousy?
My boss WON on the overstock earth day auction an EVH AUTOGRAPHED MICROPHONE!!! I could kill him lol he said no one even bid against him, which means he got it for less than 200 bucks (opening bid) ARGH!

SOrry you feel crappy kiddo and that you ended up with points! Hang in there, and get better before Thursday!! I know where you live I WILL come get you LOL

me myself and i said...

awww feel better hon!!! If you want I will send the little vampire slayer over to cheer you up!! Then again she may never leave your house...

Anonymous said...

NyQuil....the ultimate high. its so original, theres none of this grape flavoring, its still the same green crap. have you ever taken it and just stared at the Q?? man, thats trippy. i'll be more than happy to bring over some.

-the little vampire slayer