Saturday, April 02, 2005


Hey everyone. I feel like I haven' t written in a while. Im so happy it's officially spring. I can' t wait till the nice weather comes in. But I feel like I have no time to do anything. I worked today till 1:30 Yuck! But it is so crappy out so I didn't mind too much , but when the nice weather rolls in im goinna be hating it. So today I went to AC. MOORE, after work, I can't get enough of that store. And I had the 50% off coupon that was in the Wednesday's paper, so I bought another knitting book for 10 dollars. I love it when I get great deals, You can't go wrong, and I also got more beads, so I couldn't wait to get home to make more stich markers. But I had to stop over my friends house to show her how to work her sewing machine. And then we sat over some coffee and talked about everyday crap and Bla Bla Bla! You know how it is. Then I went to the store and bought salsa ingredient to make salsa for my honey, because he loves salsa. I call him my salsa junkie, and of course I forgot the chips. Before I met him I wasn't as into the Mexican thing as much as I am now. now Im just as bad, when every we go out to eat Mexican we always end up taking the hot sauce. We are so bad I know it!. So in the end I didn't get home till 6:00 I felt so bad because this is really the only day that we have together, but ended up when I finished making the salsa marks friend called and he ended up going overthere. Whatever and now im home alone with the cat! But I did make more stich markers and they are so neat! I don't know what else to do with myself. I don't want to start another project. I did pick up the bear book and I started a bear. So I have that going on now, and im a little stuck on the sweater, Im not sure if it is a mistake in the book, I just don't get it. And before I go any further and it turns out wrong I just put it down. BUT I DO NEED HELP WITH MY BLOG CAN SOME ONE TELL ME THE EASY WAY TO PLACE BUTTONS AND LINKS ON MY BLOG I HAVE BEEN TRYING AND NOTHING. HELP!!!!! SOMEONE!!!!!


Dani said...

Aw sorry you are home alone with the cat (who I'm sure loves it!) bt it's awesoem you made more stitch markers. The 10 I bought from you thatw ere earmarked for a SP gift? Well, erm, Ive kind of fallen in love with them and need to by more ;-)

I'd love to help with the button thing but I don't use Blogger. I'm sure it's a matter of editing your templates, so if someone who uses blogger doesn;t come along and resuce you (Oh Rebecca???) I can surely try to help!

Hope you have a great Sunday and hope to see you Thursday!

Martha said...

Hey you!!
I looked at the template you're using and links are not included in it. The easiest thing to do would be to change tmeplates. Of the choices that blogger offers the ones called thisaway have links already on the templates. You just have to scroll down in the html crap ( I don't understand 99.99% of it!!) until you see links and you'll see some phrases that say "edit me" and that's where you stick them in. Blogger has directions for this too but it's a couple of layers into their help mode. Let me know what happens!! BTW, have you ever felted on the stove? I just tried it and it failed miserably! I love that bag...what yarns did you use?
Martha :)

me myself and i said...

My little friend!
Boy have I missed you!!!! I am here to help!!! I will set you up can come here or we can do it over email or I can come to you...let me know!