Sunday, April 03, 2005

Im socking it.

Ok ! Everyone is gonna laugh at me. When mark came home last night, I was just finished with the stich markers and I was just sitting there and I just can't sit there and do nothing we are all like that. So I looked down and saw the sock on the needles that has been sitting there for months with the instructions calling me. So I picked it up. And I looked and I looked and I looked at it again. And I read the instructions, and Then it was like magic it just came to me. DUH! I felt like an idiot. I said to myself what the hell have I've been waiting for all these years of knitting and attempting to make socks, you have to see all the socks knitted up until the gussets and just left there. I wanted to smack myself once you get past the gussets you are home free. WOW! Im so happy, you know sometimes you have to put things down when you don't get it and then come back to it and the skies sometimes open and it's great, But just don't wait till months down the line like I did. So im going to Joann's today with my friend for some fabric and stuffing for the bear that im not finished with yet. And then I don't know what after that I might just go to my friends house for dinner. No work tomorrow. yeepeeee!!!!! I had a long week I worked yesterday. I hate working on Saturdays it screws up my whole week.

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Dani said...

GOOD - now maybe you can enlighten me??? I am SO not "getting" socks, and I SO want to!!