Sunday, April 24, 2005

It's a Beautiful Morning.

Hey to all... Thank god it's not raining today. But who cares I have so much laundry to do, It's piling high. So I started on the beautiful cami in the interweaves mag, and I ran into a scuffle with the stupid pattern, I love it don't get me wrong I must have made a mistake some where in the pattern and now where I have to purl it's a knit, and I know I can fix it now that it's still early but there is no way im frogging and starting over, do you know what a pain in the Ass it it to CO 210 stiches and then making sure not to twist them when connecting, HOLY !!!!! But I think im just going to deal with it and move on with it. I really want o finish this one project, but it's not a project to take to SnB on Thursdays. No way I will totally mess it up. But what else , I know we should be cleaning up the yard today but im not doing it by myself, mark is still sleeping he has to work today @ 3. So I have so much time to knit. I know, I can knit at the laundry mat. That never happens when I plan to, for some reason I get hypnotised by the bubbles in the washing machine. "you know it's true". I do it all the time. But today I wont pay attention. So tonight when mark comes home we are going to see LIT at the viper bar. I think it starts at 9 or so, I can't wait. I know it's a Sunday but who cares they put on such a great show. Thank god I don't have to work tomorrow. That reminds me I have to call Lori, she said she wanted to go at Thursday's nights SnB. And That's all for today.


Kathleen said...

You can knit the first row flat and than attach it after the second row. You won't twist that way. Good luck working it out.

I'll make it to the SnB one of these days...I hope you are well.


Dani said...

LOL The bubbles ARE hypnotizing - it's one of the FEW things I miss about not going tot he laundramat ;-)

Have a fabulous time tonight. I have had a headache from hell since late last night and have been pretty unproductive all day - good thing laundry and housecleaning was done yesterday!!