Friday, April 29, 2005

It's Friday Wooooo Hoooo!

To start I had such a great time last night @ SnB. I was so happy the last patient did not show. So I was out of there quick before he decided to stick some one else in at 7 O clock. So I got to SnB at like 7:30 or so I don't even remember. But we did have a lot of laughs. So I started a baby blanket for my friends baby she had a boy and I bought a few bernat velour and started knitting it up IM alost done I knitted a few rows last night. Then after I headed to Borders with Talin from our group and I ended up buying a Bust mag that she turned me on to and I came home and made a cup of green tea and read the whole thing till mark came home from the crazy Donkey @ 3 AM. But the funny thing was at the end of the mag, there is a sexy end to it and I was like woooohoooo!!!! it was like a steamy porn article, it was great I have to copy it and send it to my lovely friend carol she would definitely appreciate it a whole lot. But I ended up not getting home till 11:30 PM. And I had a nice chat with Talin, she is very talented, I never knew, or I never took the time out to talk to her one on one, not that I was interviewing her or any thing. It amazes me that the are so many people that have such interesting lives and yet they look like the normal average person, you would never just goes to show you that the lies such interesting thigs in people that you would be so interested in. So I have off the next few days, I get these breaks every now and then, But I did take off tomorrow I was supposed to work, But oh well. Im getting my hair done I can't wait. And on Sunday is the sheep festival I can't wait, it's in Huntington. I am very excited. I have a great weekend to look forward to. And what else I did find an old sock I started it looks so funny it's very long and I have to rip it out and start over and the yarn it so cool. I took a pic I will post it after this.
So mark called me earlier to ask me to make sauce and meatballs he wanted pasta tonight and tomorrow because he's running the wantagh race on Sunday. The house smells so good right now like as if it was Sunday. Sundays growing up in my mothers house it smelled exactly like this.
And to end this post, I hope my secret pal reads this, I would check your mail box soon, I sent you a little package.

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Dani said...

Hey chicky - you didnt call me!! BAD Girl lol

Im home most of the day tomorrow except im running out for a few errands early afternoon.

CANT WAIT to see your hair on Sunday!! Have fun tomorrow!!