Monday, April 11, 2005


Ok I know it's been five days since I posted, I have been so busy doing crap. My so low on funds, I can't even buy any thing that had to do with knitting. My car ended up being over 6 hundred dollars, That sucked and I have insurance to pay and bill are coming this week, This month sucks. But on a good note I bought with my last ten dollars to spare the book at my knits ends Im sure you saw it around all the blogs, It is te cutest book ever, and so very true every word in it is so funny and true. Mark and I went to the book store Because he had to study the nklex nursing questions for his final I think. And instead of buying them for like 35-40 dollars we just sit there and he study and I look at all the knitting books to my hearts content. It's fun and don't think we are the only ones doing the studying there are so many people from stony brook doing this too. So where was I, Mark and I went for a speed walk yesterday and I felt so good after, I want to start running again, I just hate to run by myself Im scared, there's crazies out there. so im going to start training for self defense its like a high energy Bla Bla Bla something something at my friend house, her husband has like a little gym in his garage and Im going today to start im gonna kick some ass I can't wait. The weather is unbelieveable. I wish it was like this all year round. There so much I want to do and I shouldn't be on this computer right now. I have to take a shower and get my butt out there. I should be expecting a package today I hope of some more roving. Just little bit of color roving just to felt with. Not to spine ronnie!!!!!
I will post later today and I have to take some pictures and post. I finished my other sock I cant believe it, and I have to cast on for some more, I love doing them they are so much fun. See you later.


Nae said...

HAHA!!! Yea i know its a pain in the booty to insert things but you see where is says http://www. blah blah blah you type in the site you want put there and republish it and it should work i had the same prob i think its just the site it self i can email you the html for that little graphic if you want me and tell you what to do with it and how to put on there if you want me too Just let me know

MissDebbie said...

hi i got the head at the beauty supply store . they are cheap like 3 bucks. lol ok gotta go have to make some more thongs lol i love doing them. love aunt debbie