Saturday, April 23, 2005

Rain rain Go Away !!!

Ok, Here it is Saturday morning and It's raining out Im so pissed.. .All week it was amazing and on the Saturday that I don't have to work it rains!!! How much does that suck! Any way, I have to Take a moment to comment about that Little Vampire Slayer Im so proud of her that she looks on to my blog and Im certain she looks at others too, she's one step closer to becoming a little vampire knitter. Don't worry we will convert you soon!!!!!!
I hope she see this post. hehehehehe!
Well now that it's raining out I guess im just gonna have to goto AC MOORE. I have a coupon that My fellow knitter Talin gave to the group for 50% off. I can't wait to see what im gonna get with it. Probably a book. I have to take advantage of this coupon. My honey's friend came over this morning so that he can change the strings on his guitar for him, so we got up early and made coffee and mark ran out to get bagels and then I ran in the shower and now im on the computer writing this post and that was my morning. When I come back I show you what I got.

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