Tuesday, April 05, 2005

So much to do tomorrow so little yarn time!

Ok !!!!! I finally figured out how to finish the sock. I know the colors are YUCK!!!! But now that I know how to finish them Watch the colors that fly from my hands, I cant wait. I love working in the round. I might goto the LYS and splurge a little tomorrow. We'll see. I will post it tomorrow to let you see what I got. But I also am not watching the kiddies this week I have to take my car in and get an oil change and inspection sticker, and lord know that my car will fail inspection, Bla! What ever. Then I plan on running to my inlaws house because im taking care of the cats and then who knows. I have to find a way to the LYS ahhhh !! Im in a dilemma. How do I get to the yarn shop. Maybe ill save it for Thursday morning. We shall see. Alright I have to work on the sock ! And start the new one. Will catch up on wed!

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