Monday, April 18, 2005

Spring Has sprung!!!!!

Ok It is so beautiful out there today. I went to work to watch the kiddies. Which I am so tired of doing this now that the weather is so nice, But aside from the weather I really don't want to be involved in my bosses personal life period end of sentence. But It was a great weekend also.I did the MS walk with my friend jenn which I posted the other day, Mark came with us which I was so happy that he came we got home so early and we ended up cleaning the yard, which I didn't pick up a leaf, I was tired normally I would have helped but not this time maybe next weekend. But after he filled a few bags we went for a quick run, and I really have to say I was pooped, and I couldn't run a full mile with out stopping. That is so bad. I really have to condition my self, And My goal is to run a little race with mark this summer. I hope I can do it. But other than this weekend and running, I started another pair of socks with Moda Dea Yarn, It's kind of red and pink mixed in. I have a picture of it to post after this. Im really mad about the Gedifra sweater I started to pick up again and I am still stumped, I have to take it in to SnB on Thursday for a little help from the girls. But really there is no much to report, I have to figure out what to make for dinner for mark when he gets home from school. I know he's going to say buffalo wings, But he can go with his friends for that Im not going to join he I have to start watching what I eat I cant eat that crap late at night.
So until next post, SEE YA!

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Dani said...

I saw that sock get finished last night and it is GORGEOUS!!!

Will definately plan something for either this week coming up or that next weekend, you have to come see my "puppy" LOL

Have a great day Cee!