Monday, May 02, 2005

All I have to say is PURPLE!!!!!

The Hair is purple!!!!! I went to the salon on Saturday morning. It's awesome, But it's only in the back of my hair so it's not shocking when you first look at me. So any way this weekend was great. Some of the stiching girls and myself went to Huntington for the sheep to shawl festival, it was fun but very cold and I was so cold, until the sun came out at about 2:00 to thaw me out, when by then we were ready to leave. But we all bought stuffed sheep and we took a picture it's pretty funny, you have to see it, I have to post it when Im done here. I got my stich marker pal today So I went to the store to get some more beads to make markers, Like I needed to so that, Im absolutely Crazy because I have like 100 of the already made. Im nuts I know. You don't need to tell me, I just really like making them. So back to the work force tomorrow. I have to start saving my pennies. Stop spending I have to keep telling myself that. Speaking of spending, I received my order today from knit picks. hehehehehe! Don't tell mark. But most of it was sock yarn. It was really what I expected, nothing too suprising, what you see on knit picks is what you get. It came in a bag, and I have to start up new sockswith the stuff, but only when im done with the new ones I already started with the yarn that I found in the attic , I have to start on the second one. That will be quick and done in no time. I should bite my tongue because im not gonna have time this week I know the schedule is crazy I got the report from the girl that works there on mondays.But any way , I don't know what else to report. Not much news here.

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