Monday, May 16, 2005

The Most amazing performer in the world!!!

All I have to say is Oh My God!!!!!!!
Butch Walker Was Amazing. It was like a religious experience. Of coarse I video taped the whole show, and when mark comes home today he is going to transfer it to DVD. I was the only one taping the show I was so surprised, But at the end of the night like 3 people came up to me and said I saw you taping the show can I have a copy of it. I was like oh sure. But any way. All in all if I can follow him every where just to see him play every night I would, He's that good. Let me explain. Butch Walker when he sings, you feel it every word he says, almost like he's singing straight to you alone some where like on the grass in a park. It's so much more than that, But not to sound in love with him, He is great, But I have my own Rock Star!!!!!! And that's Mark......
So today I have to goto lunch with my friends from work, They just called me they need help with some kitting project and im there to help them.
The other day my friend Danielle called me, she needed help with her bag she was making, So she came right over from stonybrook, so when mark came home we were sitting in the back yard with the fire going, and mark just laughed and said that I was the knitting GURU!!!!, So I was like great now he's making fun of me. And the best part of this was the other night I had a dream that Mark didn't want to be with me anymore because im always knitting. I woke up in tears but there more to it, I just can't type the whole dream ill tell you guys when I see you.... Until tomorrow.


Nae said...

Ahh Charisse your right his music is great and you can feel his words..He is also a sassy guy ;x

Mary said...

I can not even imagine Mark wanting to leave an awesome person like yourself just because you knit. Bad dream! Bad Dream!

Nae said...

Not only is he cute but he is so very sweet to..Im gonna hold on as tight as i can to him..If you wanna send it you can :)

Dani said...

AS IF Mark would ever change his mind about you - NOT!

You are my sock therapist, and now knitting Guru too? Shesh, are your rates going up? ;-)

Cant wait to see you Thursday!!!