Wednesday, June 22, 2005

All I have to say is FLYING FINGERS!!!

Ok Well as you know from the title, I got up early today and headed to my moms house in the Bronx, Ill called her as soon as I was crossing over the Whitestone Bridge, and she was up waiting for me, Mind you I called her last night and asked her if she wanted to take a ride to flying fingers with me in the morning. Plus I had to see my dad because I didn't see him for fathers day because him and my momo went to the NJ shore for the weekend. So I get there and I talked to my dad and mom for a little bit and then we were off. It was really good to see elise the owner of Flying Fingers. When I used to work in Dobbs Ferry I always went there for lunch and always walked out with something. So as soon as we walked in my mom was like oh my god, she saw Yarn from Cherry Tree Hill Light pastel colors, variegated It was 1440 Yards and it was Beautiful, I don't even want to tell you the price of it, But I convinced her to buy it and promised that I would make her a skirt that I have a pattern for and a tie shrug to match, So as soon as I got home I wound it up and started swatching. I love it I can't wait to start, But there's only one thing "Mom the skirt didn't come to a V It was the fringe that made it look like that" So you have to tell me what you would like me to do? I have pictures of everything to post when im done. Oh and mom treated me to 2 lambs pride. Orange and white, and a pattern book, I was happy.
Then after we left the Yarn store we went to eat across the street from my old job and I called my friend carol and she met us for lunch. and that was my day. I had fun. That's all I have to say.
But the yarn is a joy to work with all the colors that just come out while you knit it


me myself and i said...

glad you had a fun time...see you tonight!

Anonymous said...

Oceania is lovely yarn and CTH alwasy has pretty good yardage for the price. You're gonna love how this turns out.