Friday, June 24, 2005

I got a Package Today! Guess from who!!!!!

My secret pal. I took a peek out side to see if the mail was there and there was a box on the stoop. I wasn't sure who it was from, it through me off because of the return address. I thought my pal lived in Georgia? At first I was scared to open it. Just kidding. But when I did OMG!!! There was so many cool things in it. Amazing Yarn from Interlacements Yarn In these great Reddish Pink Purplie colors. A blank card with a hank of yarn on the front. Really cute fabric with lipstick and hats in pink colors, Great pink pencils that say " The surgeon general has determined that knitting may be habit -forming" Very cute I love them. The clover yarn cutter pendant, That I just bought for my secret pal for the next package. Knitters review note cards with envelopes , Lavender Dryer bags, I want my pal to know that I love lavender, I use the johnson lavender night time lotion when I come out of the shower every time. It smells so good, Also these little I don't know what to call them I would say Sequins I know exactly what to do with them, I might string them on and knit them in to my next bag. And last but not least these little pages with a cat and a ball of yarn on them, Im not sure what they are for But i really love them, I love any thing with a cat on it. I have to say you went over board, Every thing is so wonderful, I have to thank you a million times.

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome and I'm glad you love it.

The little pink things are "chips" from Trendsetter. One of the first posts I read here showed a hat with little charms on it, so I thought you might like these. The cat labels are bookplates so your friends won't forget who lent them the cool book.