Friday, June 24, 2005

"It's Friday" Big deal I have to work tomorrow.

This Saturday Crap Has to stop, I have been working the weekends and late nights for way too long. I have to add that this is the last Saturday for the summer. I haven't casted on for the skirt yet I just got home from work and that was my first priority I can't wait. Sunday Mark and I are going to the city just to walk around maybe hit a yarn store just to look around. We'll see. I really don't need anything. I can't wait.
Mark is running the Lake Run tomorrow I'm usually always there to cheer him on, But I have to work. Bla.!!!But It's gonna be a hot one tomorrow, So im kinda glad I wont be out there sweating. I feel bad for Mark he's gonna be running in that YUCK! But they treat them really good in the end, they have fruit any kind of soda juice and BEER! That's funny I thought the same thing when I first went. But it's cool and fun I love watch all the old guys trying to make it to the finish line but you have to give them credit they make it through I probably would drop dead the first mile in that hot weather. So on that note talk soon when I get progress with the skirt.

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