Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It's Good to be home.

Im Back!!!! Im so glad to be home. It's great to be away for a few days but when your on your way home there's nothing like it. We had a good time We visited Marks brother and wife and Baby Zoe. In N.C. Zoe is 8 months old already, Babies grow so fast. They have a beautiful house and so much land. It's in the out skirts of Charlotte. Mark said he can never move there, It's too country. Every where you go you have to drive like at least 20 mins. maybe 15, Mark said he needs to be able to just walk to the deli around the block for a cup of coffee and any thing else, Hey it's not for everyone.
But I did miss my cat "Stan"Very much He was a little freaked when we took him back to the house, He had to sniff every little corner to make sure it was safe. It seems like he is taking his time to get back to normal, he was on my lap before being cute and all and now im hairy. Thank god I made meatballs and sauce before.
But on the knitting front I came home to an awesome package from my friend Jennifer, I don't know her personally to call her my friend I haven't even met her, but she was my secret stich marker pal the last time around and she sent me more this time around, And she is so cool. I have to get a cd that I know she will like, he's my favorite artist "Butch Walker" and some other stuff I have to put in the package.
I did knit some socks on the way down and the way back up. I have to take a picture of that also, I knit them up with the knit picks sock yarn Dancing stripes. I love knit picks, I have to place an order soon even though I don't need any thing yet. Ive been polishing off my UfK's It's moving along, I just picked up a tank I started last summer with gedifra Wellness cotton that I just threw in the corner with the sweater I just finished And It was the picture I posted before I left.
I have all week off, My boss is on vacation, I just have to go in tonight. For like an hour to help the girl I work with move some things around so that the will paper people can do there thing tomorrow. And Im free to knit all week and sit by the pool at Mom Inlaws house.
Catch up to you later. Happy knitting.

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jen said...

you can call me a friend. that's quite a compliment actually.

p.s. Zander says hi!