Thursday, June 16, 2005

A long week off and im enjoying every second of it.!!

A perfect week, it was a long one but it's going fast. I did nothing today just watched a few movies and then hopped in the shower and fixed my hair since it's been so humid the past week I couldn't blow it outand waste my time, because it would frizz up.
I did go and see my mom and dad yesterday in the Bronx. I got there @ 11:30 and I left @ 9 last night, it was fun My aunt was there and we had a lot of laughs and we eat sausage and peppers for lunch and then for dinner macaroni and meatballs and a salad, and for dessert was coffee and cheese cake. I was so full I couldn't eat another thing. We sat outside and of course I knitted and talked. But the only thing I still can't get over is when I leave their house I feel like im leaving them behind, It sucks because I get so emotional and I cry all the way home. And that's a long cry, 1 Hour to be exact. But I get over it, when I come home to Mark.
On the knitting front, Im almost done with the Katia Pattern Tank top. It's two colors the back it like a lighter green and the front is Olive, Im Half way done with the front. And it's coming out great I can't wait to put it together. And I did start the juliette square for Rebeccas little niece. Im just trying to figure out what stich I want to do it in so im just experimenting with it. Tonight is SnB Can't wait, I missed last week for nothing if you know what I mean. And that, that's all I have to report.

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Dani said...

I know what you mean about the leaving behind BUT you aren;t - you're just going to your space, until the next time you see them =) They're family Cee, like it or not, they are yours forever!;-)

I LOVE the tank, it looks good here but AMAZING in person - I LOVE that yarn (wisdom, is it?)

Let me know if you got the PDFs, k? See you tomorrow =)