Monday, June 06, 2005

Straight into summer. Bla!

It's like 80 degrees here on long island, Im not complaining but it's humid, It sucks I hate it. But it is a beautiful day and Im debating to go to the beach. I know if I do then the phone is gonna ring and at the other end is gonna be my boss asking me if I can come in in the afternoon, I can never say no, But I just decided Im not going any where. Im staying home today, Or I might just take out my bike and wash it and go. I know I have so many thing on my to do list, Im all talk. (In the midst of my writing I went into the attic and took down the fan and cleaned the dust off of it and turned it on. Just to give you an idea of how humid it really is. I can't even concentrate) I think im just going to put together my cardigan that I finished last night and take a photo shot and post the picture. It really came out beautiful I can't wait to put it together.
Hello Jenn From portage IN. I saw your comment, very cool I can't wait. It's so great that someone thinks about you out of the clear blue.
Im going to North Carolina on Wednesday to visit Marks brother and wife. Just for a few days we are driving there so that's gonna be a hike but I love driving anywhere I love to see all the different states. But you know for sure I have to map out the knitting stores. I can't wait for that. But my sister Inlaw said that there is a nice knitting store no to far from her, I have to stop in. But what else, I know it's going to be very hot there, I was there in July last year and it was hot.
So im not going to be at SnB this weekend. Sorry guys not that it matters because no one showed up last week just 4 of us. I think it's slowing down now because of the summer time and everyone is going away? Not sure.
Im going to end here. Not sure what to cast on for next but my fingers have that nervous twitch in them.


Nae said...

Hey Charisse everything is going good...Mommy and Alex is good too...Roxy is getting so big she got teeth and she rambles some words lol..She also crawls its great fun watching her grow

Dani said...

no no no, i was only not ther ebecause of stupid work stuff silly! I will miss you this week for sure! Have an awesome trip down, enjoy the ride/LYS on the way, and hurry home!!