Monday, July 11, 2005

It's been a few days !!!!!

I know I know. I have been so busy doing crap around the house this weekend went so fast. On Sunday I went down to my moms house to grab some of my stuff in my old room, I was taking a little at a time through the months, but now that they are moving I needed to go through everything and throw everything I didn't need out! There was so much stuff I accumulated over 6 years wow!
My mom and dad also gave us the patio set, I love it, I was out there this afternoon sitting in the cozy shade the was a little breeze, not much, I would have sat earlier but it was way too hot.
So on the way home from the Bronx Mark and I were talking about our new/ old stuff and how great it was gonna be when we have our next back yard party, I can't wait.
So mom liked the skirt but I have to make it a little longer which is easy, I'll just pick up on the end.
I kind of stalled on the knitting for a few days, I've been beading just making bracelets for the summer I made quite a lot, I gave them away as gifts. And every one loved them, I made an all silver one which really rocks. I love it. Im a silver girl.But i have to find a web site for cheaper beads, I will have to search later Im so tired my mother inlaw went away and were watching the cats and plants this week until Thursday. Not too bad the sprinklers are on so it's not that much to water. She has a garden a big garden, too much work for me I wouldn't have one that big. I can barely keep up with the little pots that I have out side. Especially on these hot days.
But any way gotta fly, Im hot and sticky and I need to take a shower and cool off.
Good night.

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