Friday, July 15, 2005

It's Friday. This is my all time title for Fridays

I am so excited for tonight, Mark is playing Jones Beach, doesn't that sound cool. I wish it was the theater but it's not. It's in field four, on the beach, I can't wait. I have to take pictures, I have my video camera ready to go.
So on the knitting front, Not really much to report. I am still working on moms skirt, I've been so side tracked with the beading thing, It's very addicting. But I have so many projects in mind and lined up for knitting. I really have to concentrate on the skirt that my goal.
And Ta Da!!!! I received my package from Jennifer. I love them all. Your crazy involved with the stich marker thing, I was the same way when I started. and next your going to get into making jewerly. Thank you so much Jenn, When you get your package let me know, I'll just peek at your blog and find out.
All in all Im so glad I have these hobbies to keep me busy, I love them all and will never give them up.

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