Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Can it be any hotter. I am melting.

I can't believe how hot it is here, I don't think the aircondition is working properly, Ahhhhh!!!!! It's so hot!!! There was no way I was going to the beach today, It's so hot. I woke early to run errands before it got really hot, Because my car has run out of Freon and I have no AC. Went to buy shampoo, and a few little girly things, got a mani and a petti. Went to AC Moore, went to buy dinner for tonight. Then came home washed my car, it was covered in sap from the trees. And then looked through my books and made a few goodies for my friends. Like ankle bracelets and little things, Fixed up my bead collection I put them in order. And now im posting.
I just wanted my bead pal Gayle, I hope she reads this soon. I emailed her and it came back 2 times I don't think her email is working right. But I did send her a package today so she should be getting that soon. And for jennifer "piddleloop" she has to keep an eye out also. I hoe you like it.
I am having a problem with clapotis. Im very confused I am imagining that you just let go of the stiches at the end when your done to see the dropped stiches, Correct me if I am wrong. I need someone to show me, I hope someone can show me tomorrow at SnB. I should be out in time to make that. But all in all Im keeping busy and my mind off of flying. Especially when you turn on the news and you see a plane could imagine whats going through my mind, It didn't sit well with me, Now im starting to panic. I have to just keep thinking that I will be back home and it will be all over. Although when we are there it will be fun im looking forward to it.

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Anonymous said...

You don't drop stitches till you're into the second or third section. They'll run all the way down to the edge.

don't worry about flying; remember they all got off safely.