Monday, August 22, 2005

My secret pal Saved the day!

Ok here goes. I got up this morning watched the entourage I missed last night, We were at my moms for Sunday dinner, she was so happy to see us, that was fun. But by the time we left it was just coming on and we missed it, So thank heaven for on demand. So I watched it before I got dressed and then I was out the door. I headed over to AC MOORE for a frame for Mark, they were on sale but they didn't have the size mat I needed, So I asked the guy behind the counter if he can make a custom mat and he did, I waited like 15 mins, which was bad because the longer I stay in AC MOORE the more I spend. So in the end the Frame came out great and I was off to the library, And this was where it all went bad. As I was going to the Library some Idiot decides to stop short for no reason at all and the frame goes flying and all I hear was crash, I was sick I didn't even want to look at it, And here I am all excited that I couldn't wait for mark to unwrap it when he gets home from work and see how great it looked.
I was sick. So back to AC MOORE I go. So I tried it again and this time it worked, But im still sick.
And this is where my secret pal saves the day. So when I got home to the mail, there was a surprise for me, I have to say I was like OMG, I couldn't believe what was in the bag. NORO, I fell in love with it I have pictures I do I do !!!
Also a clip calculator, Also a REBECCA pattern book, A cute little sheep, too much I can't ait to see who my secret pal is. Thank you Sooooooo Much. You know it's funny I was just looking through what NORO I had left in my stash. I have to redo my stash again and organize it.
Awesome. I love my secret Pal !!!
So the other day Stan was sick we didn't know what to do or what it was all of a sudden he was meowing and crying, I felt so bad we barely slept that night we were so worried, so we narrowed it down and ended up that he had a UTI so we gave him some antibiotics. And that kind of knocked it out a bit, He finally came out from underneath the chair and was a little back to him self. we are still giving him the antibiotics and he seems to be doing fine.
And that's about it. That was my weekend.


Beney said...

We miss you!!

fancygreenbee said...

I miss you too! When are you coming back?
Don't you just LOVE secret pals! Mine saved my day today too!