Monday, August 29, 2005


Ok, Here goes. Friday Mark took off from work, We went into the city to the village walked around winsow shopping, to kill time. Until Butch Walker went on . Yes that's right we went to see butch on Friday and it was awesome, the crowd was great and the place was packed. But it was so worth it. Saturday Mark and I went to the thrift store and I got a few books like Jodi Picoult and a pair of really great jeans that were like 5 bucks. That's the only things that I will buy to wear from a second hand store because the jeans are so nicely worked in. But now I have to sterilize them in boiling hot water. And after that we had a get together with friends in the back yard we built a fire in the pit and barbecued had some laughs and I retired early and came in and took a shower and fell asleep. Then on Sunday was Cheap Trick and Alice Cooper. That was amazing we had so much fun they sound just as good as they did back in the day. But I got right up front for Cheap Trick. And Robin Zander and Rick Waved hello. Im sure they remember us. So that was my weekend. And now for today not sure what to do but I have to get a package out. It's been sitting in my car and I keep forgetting to get it to the post office.
Have a great day and a good week.

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