Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Not much to report.

Dinner was great on Friday night, We had a romantic night. That's all I need to say about that. Next Wednesday is my birthday. Ahhhhhhhh! Im getting so old 29. It's going quick. Im just kidding about the old part. I am looking forward to aging gracefully.
on the knitting front. Thank you everyone that wished me a happy anniversary. And secret pal thank you too. Clapotis is coming along, I have been up this whole week till 4 in the morning working on it and I im dead the next morning. But it's worth it. im already looking to find a nice yarn to make another one. And what else. Ohh! Im looking for another job part time just to fill in the Mondays and Wednesdays. So I popped in to a local dentist office and I gave them my resume and I asked if they needed any help and the woman behind the desk said that they were and it happened to be Mondays and Wednesdays, how luck am I is. So hopfully I get a call, I can't walk to work. That would be awesome. But im not stopping there there are so many on the main road by my home, so Im going today to some more offices just to inquire. So keep your fingers crossed. I will keep you posted if I get a bite.


Nae said...

Hey Charisse
How come you didnt tell me Marks band was on myspace :O i totally have myspace im an addict to that site..Well anyways i added him...On the knitting front lol im trying to make the clapotis...Cause yours looks so pretty :D well hope all is well

Martha said...

Hey You1
Thanks for checking in!
Your clapotis is beautiful!!!! I have been very intimidated by the pattern but maybe I should try it.
Happy anniversary and happy birthday. Talk to you soon