Friday, September 16, 2005

What a great Birthday !

I Have to say that the the newest people in my life made it special. All my knit pals thank you so much it was such a great feeling to be around you guys, you really made me feel special. I really am so gald that I found the group and I can really conside you my friends.Thank you so much.
On Wednesday night we went to the crazy donkey and I was so mad because I couldn't really enjoy myself and kick back and have a few drinks because I had to work the next day all day and I would have been sick. But we had fun, Silver Tide was playing. Then on my birthday for dinner my mother Inlaw took me to red lobster my favorite I have the supreme dinner I think that's what it was called, And it was so good, I love eating with my fingers, when ever I can. She also bought me the Loop D loop knitting book. I was so happy that was the next book on my list. I have so many patterns I want to do, I just have to wait till im done with a few projects before I start another. I also got a gift card to Macy's and that's where I went today after work. And I spent a lot of time there so I can look around and look for the best deals. So I got a few tops and I tried on some GUESS jeans that were way out of my price range but they fit perfect and if I ever am rich I will only let my skin touch GUESS. Any way I can dream. And I come to find out that I am not longer a size 10 I am a size 11/12. Which I cried. I have to loose just a few inches off my stomach. I am not comfortable I just want to be comfortable. Not skinny ! I am not complaining that I am Fat. I just needed to put that out there. And now for what Mark bought me for my B-Day.
A David bowie DVD the new one. And Classic perfume for banana republic, I love that smell. I drench myself in it. And a new digital camera. A 5.0 mega pixel I was so shocked and happy. Now I can post better pictures. He said my other picture was crappy and I always use it for my blog and I needed a new one. So there you have it.

And on the knitting front I am making a baby blanket for Marks friend. They had a boy I think the name was going to be Evan. Not sure. But I have to get it done soon before we go over to see them. and I knitted a little hat that wont fit the baby till it's like 6 months. I still have to finish the clapotis but a lot of it is done I have to post that too. I have to take pic's with the new camera and see how they come out I can't wait to post them.

And on Thursday night im going with Mary and Dani to stiches east can't wait for that that's going to be fun. I just hope there are sales or something to that matter. I put that I needed to be out at 7:00 for that night at work so I can't get to Dani's house on time. I hope she's reading this. And that''s about it, Now I just have to prepare dinner for later Marks sleeping, he's going to run the Cow Harbor tomorrow I hope it doesnt rain last year it did and he was miserable, and he wan't me to go with him last year I had an excuse I had to work, I have no excuse this year. I really hope it does'nt rain.

I have to wake him soon. and knit later on. or maybe knit now.

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jen said...

happy now belated birthday!!!!