Friday, October 21, 2005

Alright I Got some blog info from valerie !

Ok here goes Im gonna try to do place links in the post that Valerie's
Taught me how to do it, Actually she wrote it down for me on a panera napkin for me.
But now I can place the links. Im so happy I always feel bad when I just type the names of people, It's just that I didn't know what the hell I was donig. I hope everyone knew that. I know my blog is kinda lame I still have a lot to learn with HTML. Its all Japanese to me. I really have to get to Dani's one of these days so she can teach every thing I need to know.
So hope the codes work I won't find out till im done with this post.
So on the knitting front. I am almost done with the clapotee! I have been really working on it since last night. I can't wait to wrap it around me and wear it this winter. I hope it keeps me warm. I did felt the new bag it is so cute. I really like it, I really want to give it away but I placed a pin with stich markers on it and I place the calp in it and I went to stich and bitch. I know im so bad. I have so many bags I need to gift them. I will do so this Christmas.
Tonight we are going to the Los straight jackets in Brooklyn. I've seen them the last time they came around They put on a great show. And now I have to get dressed and head to the Library to return some books. And see what they got. But first I have to get in the shower. I will have some pictures of the show I will post them tomorrow, You have to see the pics it's pretty funny. They play in masks you have to look it up I have to post the link it's hilarious

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Mod Girl said...

Yea! You did it! I knew you could! Now you're ready for buttons - I'll send you an email about it later.