Sunday, October 23, 2005

A good story for blog land.

So we went to see the straitjackets on Saturday night. We rode in and it took us about an hour to get to Brooklyn which isn't bad we get there we park in the lost across the street. We go in and we have a great time. So now we are ready to leave, We walk out and I look up and the car was gone. Yes my friends is was gone, Towed away! But it wasn't marks car it was one of his friends.We tried callin the company but they didn't open till 9 am Saturday morning. Mind you we are in Brooklyn and now we have to trek home on the train. We get to the train station and the train doesn't leave to Jamaica till 2:41. And then we had to switch to the Ronkonkoma Train. It's now 1:00 am so we are hanging out on Flatbush Avenue at one in the morning with three white guys and me and it's getting later. I have to say I did have a lot of fun, I love riding the train. But I think im done with the straitjackets. So in all end - We got home at 5:00 am, We were exhausted.
So we went to a Halloween spooky walk in Holtsville at the PAL sports complex. It was so good and very well done. And very Scary. I love to scream and I love being scared. It was funny, the girl there said I was more scared then the kid were.
So all day yesterday we stayed in and and I knitted all day. And I made a sweater for my mothers dog "Mac" a little mini Pint. He is cute ! I have pictures of it and when I was done I had Stan to model it for "Mac" it really came out good I have to send it to my mom.
And that was my weekend. A very fulfilling one at that.

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