Friday, October 07, 2005

I Made it to my favorite place on earth last night

My favorite place except for being wrapped in marks arms, That's my first favorite place.
But any way. I made it there and I was kinda late. But as long as I made it before Suzy and Rebecca left. I had little gifts for them for their Birthdays. They were knitting needles that I made and they loved them along with other little goodie's. And the funny part was I didn't knit a thing. I just love being there with all my friends. I wish SnB were everyday.
Which reminds me I have to get my secret pal gift out. I bought a couple of things yesterday to add to the box, I can't tell you what it is.
And this goes out to Dani, I ordered the Van Halen 101 book for marks B-DAY, Im waiting for it in the mail today. It's new they have it on eBay. And I also bought him an analog peddle for him to rock out on his amp and Van Halen Guitar. I can't wait till he opens it.
And what else I went ot see Paul McCartney at the Garden on Tuesday night. It was amazing, I love him, I saw a Beatle. That was my second time. And I hope to see him some more.
And that's about it. I few extra things I won't add to this post because I don't feel like it because they are personal. So I am not posting it. Hehehehehehe!
Have a great Rainy day for all my New York friends And to all others im sure it is Bright and sunny. I love rainy days.


Suzy said...

Damn girl! Thank you so much for the birthday gift!! Love the needles and the stitch markers. you're so crafty!! I'm totally on the same page about Stitch n Bitch. I wish it was every night. So fun!

me myself and i said...

Gee....You don't even mention me!! *sobs*

-the little vampire slayer