Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sayville Boat Burning/ Drinking in Port jefferson.

It was actually chilling to see a boat on fire. Weird. We really didn't stay long I felt bad leave so quickly, But the other couple had another Adjenda. Which worked out. Rob had won a contest actually it was a drawing that if he won which he did him and ten of his friends can drink free, Just Drafts and crappy liquor but we had fun I caught a little buzz. We didn't get till 2 - which is weird because I remember the days I didn't get home till 5 and I was ready to keep going. Now that's not even in the cards, Im still tired and It's 4:30 PM.
And not only am I tired Im cold. The heater is not working in our home and we called several places and they are all very backed up and are very busy, So we are on a waiting list. But we have a little space heater that my mom and Dad gave us and we are sitting on the floor fighting over who's feet got next dibs on warming up.
Any way Knitting : I've been knitting up the feza I love it it's looking good. The only thing is the brown keeps raveling and I have to pull it down as I knit But I love the way it's coming out.
Im also working on a baby sweater 3-6 months size In blue and it's working up so nicely and quick.
So tonight we are going to another spook walk at the North patchogue fire house, that will be fun and scary. And that's about it. Monday I have an interview for some extra work in an oral surgeons office in stonybrook Im sure I will get it because it's my bosses friend and he called for me. I don't know why I didn't ask him in the first place. What ever, It's to late to look back on now. Just move forward.

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