Monday, October 17, 2005

Sheep & wool festival.

I am so mad I didn't get to go. I wish I had made plans to do so. I am reading all morning on everyone else's blog that they went and all the pictures ahhhhhh! Im so mad. I love it up state. It's so beautiful this time of year. And Woodstock. Im almost positive Jenn And Suzy went this past weekend, I glances at the pictures on suzys blog and it sure looked like they were there.
But any way Mark and I had a good time at my moms and good eats. It was good to see my parents and my brother. He looks good. And on the right track. And I also got some good movies from my dad. So when we came home we watched the end of the baseball game and put on the Hollow. It was good not as bad as I thought it would be. And I have many more movies to go through.
I finished another bad. I have to felt it. Im going to have to give this one as a gift for Christmas.
And I really want to finish the sleeves on the cable sweater and move on to the front. That is my goal for today.
November 8 the BUTCH WALKER @ the bowery ball room. Ahhhhh! I can't wait. That's gonna be awesome. I love going into the city for shows. It's a Tuesday night so im going to have to leave work early. And that s about it. I must go to the post office today,I need to send out a package for SP. And then one more to go in December. I almost want to sign up for another one but I think this time im gonna do it for the 4 month or whatever the shorter one is. Not that I didn't enjoy this time. I am not really good at keeping time. And I always end up sending late and it makes me feel bad. But I don't think I did so bad with this SP.
Any way gotta fly. Until next post!

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